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How long does the TextCortex free trial last? And what features are included in the TextCortex free trial? In the later sections, we will solve all these queries as simply as possible.

TextCortex is a fully customizable, your very own AI assistant. It's designed to work just the way you like and help you when you're stuck. It can fix sentences, understand different languages, and even correct your grammar and spelling. You can use it anywhere you need.

And guess what? You can start using it for free, and you don't even have to give your credit card details.

Unlike a free trial that ends, TextCortex has a Free Plan that lets you keep using it for free, anytime you want.

Let's now start off with a detailed overview of the TextCortex Free Plan, the features you get in the free plan, free tools access, and much more.

TextCortex Free Plan Overview

The TextCortex Free Plan is designed for content creators, content marketers, and students who want to try out the platform's core features without any cost. It allows users to generate up to 20 creations per day, with each creation counting up to 125 words. The plan also includes access to GPT-4 and Web Search, paraphrasing tools, translation and creation in over 25 languages, and more than 100 AI writing templates.

TextCortex Free Plan FeaturesDetails
Creations per day20 creations (Up to 125 words each)
Custom PersonasUp to 3
Knowledge basesUp to 3
StorageMaximum of 100 MB
Access to GPT-4 and Web SearchYes
Paraphrasing toolsYes
Translation & creation languages25+ languages
AI writing templates      Access to 100+ templates

TextCortex is an AI-powered content generation platform that offers a free plan for users who want to try out its features. The platform offers a wide range of templates and features, such as paraphrasing tools, text summarizers, and YouTube description generators, with over 60 templates tailored to users' needs. Overall, TextCortex's free plan is an excellent way to explore the platform's AI writing capabilities and determine if it meets your content generation needs.

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How to Start TextCortex Free Trial?

To start with the TextCortex Free Plan, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the link above redirects you to the official TextCortex website.
  • On the official website, click on ‘Get Started for Free’ as shown in the picture below.
TextCortex Free Trial
  • Choose your preferences and you can see the TextCortex AI dashboard in front of you.
Sign up for TextCortex Free Plan
  • Choose your preferences and you can see the TextCortex AI dashboard infront of you.
Textcortex Dashboard
  • Start using TextCortex for free and access more than 100 AI writing templates to improve your content creation process.

How Does the TextCortex Free Plan Work?

TextCortex Free Plan offers cool tools for playing with words. Pick a tool, like the ‘Paraphraser & Rewriter‘ shown in the picture. Put your words in, click ‘paraphrase,' and watch new words come out super fast! It's like magic. TextCortex Free Plan is a fun way to try this content creation tool and see what happens to your words. Give it a go!

TextCortex Output

Limitations in TextCortex Free Plan

TextCortex offers a Free Plan for users who want to try out their AI-powered content generation tool. The limitations of the Free Plan include:

  • Limited Creations: When you sign up for the Free Plan, you receive 50 free creations. After that, you will receive 20 recurring creations every day. If you need more creations, you can visit their Reward Center to earn more daily creations or upgrade to a paid plan
  • No access to premium features: The Free Plan does not include access to premium features available in the paid plans.

Apart from these limitations, the Free Plan still provides access to most features, allowing users to generate content using more than 60 templates. If you find that the Free Plan does not meet your needs, you can consider upgrading to one of TextCortex's paid plans, which offer more features and unlimited creations.

How do I Upgrade to a TextCortex Subscription Plan?

Whether you're a content creator, marketer, entrepreneur, student, or copywriter, TextCortex has a pricing plan to fit everyone's needs!

If you're a heavy text user, the TextCortex UNLIMITED plan at $83.99/month offers endless creations, customization, and AI power.

For those who create moderately, the LITE plan, starting from $5.59/month, gives you monthly creation options, customization, and more features.

And if you're just starting, the TextCortex FREE plan lets you explore daily creations, custom personas, and essential tools, all at zero cost.

TextCortex Pricing

To upgrade your TextCortex subscription plan, follow these steps:

  • Visit the TextCortex official website and click on ‘Go Unlimited’
  • Choose from the mentioned TextCortex Pricing Plans and click on ‘Buy Now’.
  • Provide your credit card details and complete the checkout process.

Once the payment is successful, your account will be upgraded to the chosen subscription plan, and you'll have access to the additional features and benefits associated with that plan.

What are the Free Tools Offered by TextCortex?

Apart from the TextCortex Forever Free Plan, TextCortex offers 4 powerful tools completely free of cost:

  • Reward Center: The Reward Center provides you with an amazing opportunity to earn complimentary creations.
  • Free Rewriting Tool: The TextCortex free Rewriting tool allows you to transform your sentences, emails, essays, and more to get more compelling content.
  • Free Summarization Tool: The TextCortex Free Summarization tool helps in summarizing the lengthy passages and keeping your message to the point.
  • Free YouTube Description Tool: Attract your audience by generating amazing and captivating YouTube descriptions with the TextCortex YouTube Description tool.

TextCortex Key Features

TextCortex comes with an amazing set of features to get high-converting copies. Some of the main TextCortex features are listed below:

  1. ZenoChat: TextCortex ZenoChat is an amazing fully customizable AI companion that can ease your conversations according to your requirements. It even works on platforms like Notion, Google docs, Gmail, Outlook and more.
  2. Zeno Assist: Let Zeno Assistant handle repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort. The TextCortex Zeno Assist feature helps you to write faster and better.
  3. TextCortex Toolbar: Access TextCortex's suite of features directly from your browser with the TextCortex Toolbar.
  4. Template Library: Access over 100 AI writing templates to kickstart your projects and inspire your content with TextCortex Template Library.
  5. Custom Personas: Infuse your content with unique voices using Custom Personas as it helps in writing to specific tones, styles, or personalities effortlessly.
  6. Knowledge Bases: Elevate your content with well-founded information. Manage Knowledge Bases to enhance the depth and accuracy of your work.


TextCortex's Free Plan provides a no-cost opportunity to experience high-quality content generation with features like GPT-4 access, paraphrasing tools, and multi-language support. While the Free Plan has limitations, such as daily creation limits and no premium features, it is still worth trying to explore the features of the AI-powered writing tool.

However, upgrading to a subscription enables advanced features like limitless creations and additional tools. With its user-friendly interface and various free tools, TextCortex aids efficient content creation for both beginners and experts.

From the user's perspective, if you liked how TextCortex works and would like to proceed with any of the paid plans, I would highly recommend moving on with the annual subscription as it would offer a 30% discount on the TextCortex plans as compared to the monthly subscription paid.

So, What are you waiting for? Try your hands upon the TextCortex for Free and take your content creation to greater heights!!

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