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TextCortex Coupon Codes 2023: 60% OFF on TextCortex Plans

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Looking forward to TextCortex coupons and promo codes, these coupons can save you up to 60% on your next order. Not only this, but you can also start using the TextCortex Pro at just $9.99 per month using the dedicated TextCortex coupon code mentioned below.
So use these coupon codes mentioned below in order to redeem these excellent offers on TextCortex AI.

There are many reasons to choose an AI copywriting tool. First, AI can help you improve your writing by making suggestions and corrections. Second, AI can help you save time by automating the writing process. Third, Artificial Intelligence can help you customize your writing to your specific needs. fourth, and finally, AI can help you increase your productivity by helping you manage your time and resources more effectively. So what’s stopping you from using an AI-powered copywriting tool?

Now if we look to Text cortex, it can help you in multiple use cases including blog articles, product descriptions, customer support emails, Instagram captions, paid ads, and even tone changes. You can also try its free-to-use Chrome extension while getting access to 20+ platforms. In addition to all this, we have also mentioned a deal to help you start your free trial without any credit card required.

TextCortex Coupons & Promo Codes 2023: Get 60% OFF on TextCortex

We have tried to extract the best deals and coupon codes that can help you save the most amount on money while purchasing the TextCortex plan. The below-mentioned Text Cortex Coupons can help you save up to 60% while getting along with TextCortex.

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Here are the Latest TextCortex Coupons Valid for 2023

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  • Click on the “Activate Deal” button.

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Top TextCortex Coupons & Promo Codes 2023

TextCortex Coupon OffersTextCortex Coupon Offer DetailsTextCortex Coupon Codes
TextCortex Coupon CodeAvail 10% OFF on TextCortexAFFTWEAKS
TextCortex Discount OfferGet 60% OFF on yearly paymentGet Deal
TextCortex CouponGet TextCortex pro plan at $9.99/monthGet Deal
TextCortex Promo OfferGet TextCortex for FreeGet Deal

What is TextCortex? TextCortex Intro, Demo, and Tutorial Video

TextCortex is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can generate compelling content such as blog posts, cold emails, social media content, and other types of content. In addition to all this, what makes TextCortex an even better choice is its free plan. Here are some of the products/use cases delivered by TextCortex:

Text Generation API: One of the features TextCortex offers is the Text Generation API. This allows you to input a prompt and have the AI generate copy based on that prompt. This can be helpful if you’re stuck on what to write or if you want to get some ideas for your own copywriting.

Product Description: Create better and more compelling product descriptions. By giving a small chunk of required data from your product, TextCortex can help you create descriptions that are more accurate and persuasive. And because it is powered by AI, it can help you create descriptions faster and more efficiently.

Blog Posts: Using an AI-powered copywriting tool like TextCortex, you can create content that is more engaging and accurate. It can also help you save time by doing the research for you and generating ideas automatically.

Marketing copies: You can make your way around some excellent marketing copies using TextCortex, so get over that writer’s block using Artificial intelligence.

Shopify Integration: Now this feature can be considered as a standalone type of feature as most of the AI-powered copywriting tools do not offer a Shopify integration. This integration can be an excellent thing to generate product descriptions for your ecom business in a couple of minutes.

Digital ad copies: This can be helpful in creating ads that are more effective and engaging. TextCortex can create ad copies that are tailored to the target audience including key phrases that are likely to generate a response. These digital ad copies can be used for Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Paraphrasing and Rewriting: Copywriting tools that feature paraphrasing and rewriting capabilities can be extremely helpful for writers and content professionals looking to create unique content. By inputting a piece of text, you can automatically generate new versions of the original while preserving its key points. This can save you a great deal of time and effort, making it easier to produce high-quality content on a regular basis.

Other products and use cases: You can access even more content types/products using TextCortex such as Sales email copy, cold emails, Youtube descriptions, Instagram Captions, blog titles, and much more.

TextCortex Features at a Glance:

TextCortex offers a whole bunch of features and tools that can be really helpful in your copywriting and marketing purposes, here are some of the key features that Text Cortex offers:

  • Free to Download Chrome Extension: If you are someone who loves getting easy access for most of your operations, the extension can undoubtedly help in the easy generation of content.
  • Marketing Content: You can also work on marketing content in seconds, all you need to consider some product titles, write the target segment, and now copy perfect text.
  • Native Shopify Integration: You can integrate TextCortex with Shopify in order to deliver make product descriptions on the go. It basically works in such a way that you copy your favorite description that TextCortex created and increase the overall reach as you TextCortex works in such a way that not only it creates high-quality content but also in an SEO-Optimized manner.
  • Multiple features and use cases: You can generate multiple types of high-quality content for blog posts, blog article, social media content, digital ads, emails, and much more.

TextCortex Pricing Plan | Get 60% OFF with TextCortex Coupons

TextCortex Pricing Plans

TextCortex offers 3 different pricing plans including the free plan, you can start generating around 15 contents per day using the free plan. Let’s take a look at what these plans have to offer:

  • TextCortex Free Plan: The Free plan gives you access to generate 15 creations per day including operations like rewriting, rephrasing, extending your text, and email writing. In addition to all this TextCortex also gives you access to unlocking more credits by referring it to your friends which seems like a great deal overall.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan costs around $24.99/month and gives access to unlimited creations while covering up use cases/features like email writing, long-form posts, and everything that was offered in the free plan. Text Cortex also has some features lined up including the Summarizer, and Tone changer.
  • Business Plan: The business plan costs around $79.99/month and gives access to all the features offered in the Pro plan along with 10+ languages for content generation, size L length content, 20+ creation templates, collaboration (team), and WebApp AI text editor.

Does TextCortex offer any plan with unlimited credits?

Yes, you can start with unlimited generations costing you as low as $9.99/month which seems like a great deal overall. The unlimited creations option is available in both the Pro and Business plans offered by Text Cortex.

Is there any free plan offered by TextCortex?

Yes, you can avail yourself of a Text Cortex Free Plan using one of the dedicated links mentioned above. The free plan will give you access to generate 15 creations per day under different use cases such as rewriting, rephrasing, extending text, and email writing.

Pros & Cons of TextCortex Coupons & Promo Codes


  • Offers a free plan with 15 creations per day
  • 12+ different use cases for different types of content.
  • Chrome extension available
  • Pro plan with unlimited plan starts at a minimum cost of $9.99/month.


  • More content templates can be available
  • The Tone changer and Summarizer are in the coming soon section.

Top FAQs on TextCortex Coupons & Promo Codes 2023

Does TextCortex offer any lifetime deal?

No, currently TextCortex does not offer any lifetime deal, but we’ll be first to notify you if any lifetime deal comes up in near future.

Can I use more than one TextCortex coupon & promo code for my order?

You can’t use more than one TextCortex coupon on a single order because it decreases the chance of working of the coupon code. People want to save money on TextCortex plans, but using multiple discount codes could make things complicated and prevent the codes from working, which means you wouldn’t get any savings on the plan you choose.

Are there any recently expired TextCortex coupon codes?

If the campaign is still active, you can try using an expired coupon. Sometimes businesses reactivate campaigns and expired coupon codes depending on the demand.

Does TextCortex have any Free plans?

Yes, TextCortex offers a free plan with 15 creations/day, you can generate email writing, rewriting, and rephrasing.

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Conclusion: Use TextCortex Coupons & Promo Codes to get 60% OFF

Overall, TextCortex can be an excellent choice overall as it offers some use cases and content creation options such as blog posts, product descriptions, emails, and much more. As TextCortex offers an unlimited credit for as low as $24.99/month along with a free plan option as well. But you can get this TextCortex Pro Plan starting at $9.99/month using the coupon code mentioned above.

So, get along with the 60% OFF TextCortex Coupon Code mentioned above to save the most on your TextCortex purchases.

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