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Smart Copy offers 2 months of its premium plan free to use on the purchase of its annual plan. With their freemium plan, get 5 credits each day. Just sign up using 3 simple steps.

AI content generation has taken the first seat, hop along as you create some of the best-selling copies with the help of Smart Copy by Unbounce, or initially known as Snazzy AI. Whether you are an agency or a startup, easily establish your brand with the exclusive multi-platform templates offered by Smart Copy. Sign up and get yourself a Freemium account to access all the premium features of this advanced copy generator.

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How to Apply Smart Copy Coupon Code? (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • Click on the “Activate Deal” button

Once you click on any of the mentioned premium coupons, the link will direct you to the official site of Unbounce, via which you can purchase the subscription of Smart Copy ( without any connection.

  • Select the “Get Started” button
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Select the “Get Started” button on the home screen to create an account.

  • Enter your credentials and choose your plan type
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The first step of the 3-step account verification is to enter your personal information. Make sure to choose the account type who wishes to purchase before moving forward. You can also create a free account and later upgrade it to a premium account anytime.

  • Verify with an OTP

Enter the OTP sent to your entered email address for verification.

  • Proceed towards checkout
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Check your plan and press the “Continue to Checkout” button.

  • Enter the Coupon Code
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In the given space, enter your desired discount code and get the plan at a discounted price.

Top Smart Copy Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes 2024

Smart Copy Coupon OffersSmart Copy Coupon Offer DetailsSmart Copy Coupon Codes
Smart Copy Discount OfferUp to 50% OFF + 2 Months FreeGet Deal
Smart Copy Promo OfferAnnual Offer – 2 Months FreeGet Deal
Smart Copy Coupon OfferGenerate Free Content for 1 ProjectGet Deal
Discount for Smart Copy3-Day Free Trial (No CC Required)Get Deal

What is Smart Copy? Smart Copy Review, Intro & Tutorial Videos 2024

Smart Copy is an AI-based copy and content generator which is now acquired by Unbounce. Initially known as Snazzy AI, this Saas uses a combination of their own proprietary ML and an advanced language model named GPT-3. You can try the tool totally free of cost, just sign up and create a limitless free account, and you won't even have to put in your credit card details.

Smart Copy becomes the easiest form of content generation, helping you create creative and lead-generating content for your brand. It allows you to create ad campaigns, landing pages, taglines, catchy titles, etc., within seconds, increasing your productivity.

The tool has a wide range of content templates you can choose from, allowing you to generate “human, scalable content.” This service works for all those businesses who wish to bring their content to life and scale their brand using copies. Their pricing plans suit content teams, Startups, enterprises, and agencies.

It has a super interactive interface, and the tool is very user-friendly. Smart Copy's ability to adapt to your brand's tone and style allows it to stand out from its competitors. The tool also comes in handy as a Chrome extension, which can be used while surfing the web. Smart Copy does support multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., so you can cross that off your list.

Smart Copy Features: Who can Benefit from this Advanced AI Content Generator?

“Engaging ads, emails, and landing pages” are all quite valuable when it comes to growing your business profusely. Instantly generate engaging content with the help of AI. Smart Copy helps you write original persuasive content using artificial intelligence in no time.

Smart Copy is your on-the-go solution to head out of writer's block. The algorithm takes the help of the information across the web to form copies minimizing human efforts without causing any harm to the quality. The tool is really easy to use and will be easily adapted to your daily workflow.

All you need to do is choose a particular template from the available ones for your email, ad copy, landing page, tagline, etc. Just add basic information regarding the concept, the motive and the target audience, and in an instant, the Saas will generate multiple versions of content that can be easily edited.

Here are a few examples of the available templates:

  • Tagline Generator
  • Landing Page Copy Generator
  • Google Ads Generator
  • Product Descriptions Generator
  • Sales Email Generator
  • TikTok Video Ideas Generator
  • Facebook Ads Generator

The tool is quite applicable and offers more than 45 templates to choose from. So now, you won't have to sit watching the cursor blink on your computer screen. Be it a promotional email, a Facebook ad, a blog post or a product description, ask your new content buddy, Smart Copy, aka

Another great feature of this tool is its flexibility, you can easily “write, expand, or summarize content” anywhere anytime, with the help of its browser extension. The tool is also available as a desktop app for both Windows and Apple.

Smart Copy Pricing Plans 2024

Getting started with Smart Copy is really easy, all you need to do is register yourself using your email, and there you have it, your freemium plan. This does require your credit card details.

Smart Copy Pricing Plans

Here are a few things you will get in all of the Smart Copy plans:

  • 45+ Templates
  • 30+ Languages
  • Chrome Extension
  • Desktop App
  • Built-in Grammarly
  • Community

They will soon be introducing another feature titled “Copy Insights.” These are the features that you will also get in the free plan, then you might wonder what makes it different from the paid ones. There are some exclusive benefits that only premium account holders get, and there is no limit to their content generation.

Here check out the available plans and other specifications:

Smart Copy Free Plan:

  • Price: Free
  • Credits: 40 credits/month
  • Project: 1 Project
  • Writer: 3-day Trial
  • Support: Available

Smart Copy Essential Plan:

  • Price: $9/month
  • Credits: 200 credits/month
  • Project: 3 Project
  • Writer: Available 
  • Support: Priority Support

Smart Copy Unlimited Plan:

  • Price: $49/month
  • Credits: Unlimited
  • Project: Unlimited
  • Writer: Available
  • Support: Priority Support
  • Copy Insights: Coming Soon

More to know about Unbounce: Smart Marketing Tools to scale your Brand Smartly!!!

Unbounce is an online platform that offers advanced products, solutions and expert guides for successful marketing in the 21st century. With the versatile filter offered by Unbounce, you will be able to create dynamic result-oriented landing pages and high-performing marketing campaigns within a few minutes. They make sure that your efforts help drive maximum traffic and conversion rates.

The tool leverages the power of AI to provide you with first-class content relevant to most channels. You can use their products for search ads, social media platforms and email marketing. Regardless of your business, Unbounce will help you sell your products and services, collect leads, grow your business online, and much more.

Their solutions are beneficial for businesses who want to establish themselves in industries such as Ecommerce, Saas, agencies, small marketing, B2B marketing, and other professional services. The packages offered by the AI platform are quite inexpensive when compared with other similar tools and services.

As for Smart Copy which is now associated with Unbounce, you can use the AI copywriting tool on its own, but it will be much greater if you combine it with Unbounce's robust marketing toolset. If you wish to check out the features of Smart Copy, just sign up with your email address and get their free plan to experience the power of the finest AI copywriting.

FAQs | Smart Copy Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes 2024

Where can you find the best Smart Copy Promo Code? bring you some of the best up-to-date deals and discount codes from the best AI writing tools.

Is Smart Copy free to use?

Yes, Smart Copy has a free plan that offers limited access to its tools and templates.

How does the Smart Copy Free Plan work?

Under the free plan, the tool will provide you with 5 credits per day. Each time you press the generate button, you lose a credit, as simple as that. So yes, your content generation with the free plan will have to stay limited. However, the upgraded plans offer unlimited credits allowing you to generate content without limits.

How can you cancel your Smart Copy subscription?

You can cancel or upgrade your account at any point of time from the settings.

How to use the Smart Copy Chrome Extension?

Just create a Smart Copy free account and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Why is my Smart Copy Coupon Code not working?

There might be various reasons behind the non-functionality of your discount code. Make sure to check the coupon for expiry, as certain coupons and deals are made available for a specific duration. Enter the exact code to about any error, and ensure that the coupon applies to your current order.

How to know if my Smart Copy coupon code is authentic?

The only way you can check the coupon's authenticity is by putting it to actual use. During checkout, make sure to add the coupon code correctly, and if the listed discount is added to your bill, then you can be certain that the coupon code was genuine.

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Conclusion: Is Smart Copy Worth the Hype?

Unbounces's Smart Copy is an AI-based copy and content writing tool. You can generate content for various purposes, such as ads, landing pages, emails, etc., as the tool has more than 45+ templates. The tool is an excellent deal for Content Teams, Startups, enterprises and agencies.

Smart Copy is also available as a chrome extension and a desktop app with a very intuitive interface. You can try the tool free by signing up with your email. Their pricing plans are also quite affordable, you can even use our discount codes to gain the additional monetary advantage. Let's give wings to our copies with Smart Copy!

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