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Simplified Vs. Smart Copy: Who Wins the Battle? [2024 Updated]

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Are you still on a search for an honest Simplified Vs. Smart Copy comparison review? Search no more; we have got you covered with Simplified features, Smart Copy features, and pricing of both tools. Don't miss out on reading the cons to make a better decision for yourself! 

Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly come a long way, and in recent years the magic AI based tools are doing is visible to almost everyone. With that being said, AI writing tools are one such best innovations of the century. These software options are literally tackling issues like pesky writer's block within seconds. 

From copywriters, bloggers, marketers, and agencies to ecommerce store owners – literally everyone is vouching for AI copywriting tools. 

And when we say tools, we mean it – there are seriously hundreds of AI writing tools available out there, but is every tool worth investing in? 

Not really!

Hence, in this article, we will be reviewing two best AI writing tools – Simplified and Smart Copy. In the end, to help you make a wiser decision, we will list out which tool is best suited for which business or individual (obviously, the verdict will be based on the features and ease of use); let's get started!

If you are in a hurry, just read this!

Simplified and Smart Copy are both AI-powered writing tools. Smart Copy is a product by Unbounce, an all-in-one marketing tool. And even simplified offers multiple products other than AI writing tools for marketing. Coming to the pricing, Simplified offers users a free forever plan, and Smart Copy offers just a free plan with limited credits; read this blog ahead to choose which one will best suit your business!

Simplified Vs. Smart Copy 2024: In-Depth Comparison 

What is Simplified? – Simplified Review

Simplified Review

Simplified is an all-in-one marketing tool through which any marketer or business owner can ace up their marketing game. From graphic designing, video editing, AI writing, and social media management to lots and more – Simplified has got you covered with every corner of marketing. But since we are talking about AI writing tools here, Simplified even offers AI writing services through which users can generate 50+ types of content pieces within seconds. 

The AI writer tool by Simplified is used by one million-plus individual, and down there in the features section, we will make sure to list out the best feature because of which the tool has become just so popular!

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What is Smart Copy? – Smart Copy Review

Smart Copy Review

Similar to Simplified, even Smart Copy is an AI writing tool, but there's a twist here. Smart Copy is a product offered by Unbounce – an AI-powered landing page builder. Other than AI copywriting, Unbounce is popular for its products like landing page builder, AI optimizer, popups and sticky bar creator. 

Coming to the AI copywriting feature – Smart Copy by Unbounce, users can generate engaging ads, emails, and landing page content within seconds. They can even generate long-form blogs with the long-form editor available inside the tool. Read out the Smart Copy features section below to explore what the tool is really capable of and how to use it.

Simplified Vs. Smart Copy 2024: Features Comparison 

Simplified Features – What can you do with Simplified? 

1. 50+ AI Templates

One of the best features of Simplified that makes it stand unique from all other AI writing tools in the market is the templates option it offers. No matter what you are looking forward to writing, Simplified can help you with everything. It has templates readily available for creating business bios, product descriptions, emails, landing pages, and taglines. 

Additionally, if you own a YouTube channel and are unsure about how you can generate descriptions for videos, Simplified can help you with that as well. There is a sentence expander, before and after the bridge, review responder, photo captions generator, and even hashtag generator available. 

Not just this much, Simplified knows this really well. Every brand has its own tone when it comes to writing. And for that purpose, one can write copies in 10+ tones with this AI writing tool. Also, if you are looking forward to generating regional content, you can create multiple content pieces in 30+ languages with Simplified.

2. Copy Rewriter Tool

Have you been struggling with copy rewriting? Or are you someone who has written a rough piece for yourself but wants an expert to analyze it and reframe it all? And if not all this, have you loved an article online and want the AI tool to write a similar piece for you? Well, the Simplified free copywriter tool has got you covered with all your rewriting concerns. 

Through this tool, you can instantly generate, improve, or rewrite inspiring copies for your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts. This can be anything from captions, quotes, descriptions, and marketing materials to web content

The rewritten copy generated by Simplified will be 100% unique and highly readable – but the meaning of the original copy will stay intact. 

3. Long Form Writer

There are just a few AI writing tools available out there that excel in generating long-form content – Simplified is one among the few ones. The long-form writer feature offered by the tool generates high-quality, informational, yet highly readable blogs and articles within seconds. Just not these; with Simplified, with the help of commands, you can even generate a whole book from scratch.

Also, with the long-form writer feature comes the sentence expander and paragraph generator feature by Simplified. By combining these two, users can generate content even by writing a paragraph – and the tool will expand all the sentences by cutting off the fluff. 

4. Seamless Integration

Are you someone looking forward to buying an AI writing tool for business? Well, with Simplified, you can organize clients and teams in real-time. Share content pieces with employees and let them edit it all in real-time. Users can even connect their social media channels to Simplified and schedule posts or post directly from the app. 

Smart Copy Features – What can you do with Smart Copy?

1. Multiple Templates

Similar to Simplified, to speed up the writing process for different social media platforms, Smart Copy offers 45+ template options. Through the templates available, users can generate more content for a variety of use cases – starting out from landing pages and email copies to product descriptions or brand taglines; with Smart Copy, you can literally generate anything and everything.

There's a smart builder available and a classic builder available within the web application. With both builders, users can instantly write anything and launch campaigns way faster than they did before. 

Additionally, through Smart Copy, you can translate any existing or generated content in 30+ different languages. In this way, you can reach out to a wider audience more easily with the language they have been speaking for a long time.

2. Blog Posts Builder

Also known as Smart Copy's writer feature, with this feature, users can literally generate 2500+ word content within seconds – all factually correct, grammatically right, and highly readable. The best part we loved about this feature is users can use the writer as a canvas by generating an unlimited number of words (literally no character limits here). And not just generate but even write, edit, and save content directly within the application. 

3. Smart Traffic

Have you created multiple landing pages for your Ecommerce store or your website? Still, confused about which variation will best align with which type of audience? Well, with Smart Copy's Smart Traffic feature, you literally don't have to worry about all this, even a bit. 

If you have launched campaigns from within the Smart Copy landing page builder, the tool will automatically send your visitors to the landing page that's best suited for them. In this way, you will be getting more conversions through the variations and thus more profits. 

4. Campaign Builder

Smart Copy is a great AI writing tool, but if it's paired with all other tools by Unbounce, you can literally witness the magic. We aren't saying this blatantly. In fact, with Smart Copy, you can write ads and emails faster than ever – that are not just persuasive but even highly compelling. And if combined with Unbounce landing page builder and traffic optimization product – you will literally see your copy converting within just an hour of getting live.

5. Built-in Grammarly

Grammarly is not just a grammar-checking tool, it's more than that – the tool analyzes readability, tone, formatting, sentence structuring, and so much more. And since Grammarly is now integrated into Smart Copy's writer feature, any marketer can make the most out of the integration to generate grammatically correct and readable blog posts within seconds. 

6. Real-Time SEO Insights

Not just grammar and sentence formation, to help your blog rank higher, Smart Copy even offers real-time SEO insights. The insights offered by the team are based on the focus keyword you will be entering in the initial steps. The algorithm automatically analyzes the keyword and later scores the generated content – so that you can make edits accordingly.

The best part about this feature is it is available within the Smart Copy Writer feature. Hence to get insights, you will literally don't have to move any further.

Simplified Vs. Smart Copy: Ease of Use 

How to Use Simplified?

Generating content with Simplified is as easy as searching for any queries on any search engine. You simply have to follow a few steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the Simplified, highly intuitive dashboard
  • Click on the AI assistant tab available
  • Select either the long-form writer option or the short-form option
  • Pick out any output language and choose a tone
  • Write a prompt
  • Hit the generate button
  • Pick the variation that best matches your needs

How to Use Smart Copy?

Similar to Simplified, generating content with Smart Copy AI writing tools is a lot easier as well. You will simply have to log in from the login tab available on the official website. Hit the AI copywriting button, and follow the below-given steps: 

  • Choose a template from the 45+ templates options offered 
  • Tell the AI writing assistant what you actually want from the tool
  • Mention the target audience and the tone of the content
  • Hit the generate button
  • Read out the variations 
  • Review, edit, and publish the blog from the web app itself

Simplified Vs. Smart Copy 2024: Pricing Comparison 

Simplified Pricing – How to Use Simplified for Free? 

Simplified is not simply an AI copywriting tool. It's just more than that. And the best part is the team has already differentiated the pricing for each service it provides. Over here, we will be mentioning how much you will have to pay Simplified to get access to its AI copywriting tool. Do remember that if you choose to pay annually, you can save 30% – 32% on all the packages. 

Simplified Pricing

Simplified Free Forever Plan – $0

  • Generate 3,000 words per month
  • Access to long-form writing and short-form templates
  • Language variations, tones, and creativity levels available
  • Document folder available for storing content 
  • 96 Hours of email support 

Simplified Small Team Plan – $30 per month

  • Everything included in the free forever plan
  • Generate 25,000 words per month
  • Access to a rich text editor
  • Grammarly integration
  • 72 Hours of chat and email support available 

Simplified Business Plan – $50 per month

  • Everything included in the small team plan
  • Generate 50,000 words per month
  • Advanced commands feature available
  • WordPress integration available
  • 100% Plagiarism-free blogs (an integrated plagiarism checker)
  • Invite guest editors to make changes to specific blogs
  • Priority support available 

Simplified Growth Plan – $125 per month

  • Everything included in the business plan
  • Generate 250,000 words per month
  • Scale large quantity content pieces at much ease
  • Separate folders available for document storage
  • Generates content 3x faster
  • Highly optimized AI templates
  • Collaborate with anyone in real-time, create multiple team foldersPriority support available

With all the Simplified plans mentioned above, users even get access to the chrome extension and iOS app for free. Users can even connect Shopify, WordPress, and Google Drive for smoother content production. 

Smart Copy Pricing – How to Use Smart Copy for Free? 

If you are looking forward to just choosing the Smart Copy AI writing tool instead of the Unbounce suite of tools, the team has come up with a unique package for the same. The best part about signing up to Sign Copy packages is you would not have to enter your credit card details. Additionally, if you decide to pay annually, you will be getting Smart Copy for free for two months – quite a Win-Win deal. 

Smart Copy Pricing

Smart Copy Free Plan – $0 

  • Access to 45+ Smart Copy templates
  • Can write content in 30+ languages
  • Chrome extension available
  • 40 Credits per month
  • Access to Smart Copy trial for three days
  • Customer support and community access included
  • Built-in Grammarly available 

Smart Copy Essential Plan – $9 per month 

  • Everything included in the Smart Copy free plan 
  • 200 Credits per month
  • Work on 3 projects a month
  • Real-time SEO copy insights available
  • Priority support included
  • Community support available.

Smart Copy Unlimited Plan – $49 per month 

  • Everything included in the essentials plan
  • Unlimited credits available per month
  • Work on unlimited projects
  • Priority support included
  • Community support available.

Coming to the SmartCopy Chrome extension, it's available for free. You can simply download it from the web store and use it while you are drafting emails, and editing documents, on the web – in real-time. 

Apart from this, SmartCopy even offers a desktop to users, which any user can download for free. Through the app, users can generate any type of content across the whole marketing stack – like write Sentences in Word, Headlines in Photoshop, and chat with employees on Slack.

Winner: Simplified

The winner straightaway will be Simplified here, because just as the name suggests, even the pricing plans are highly simplified for every user. And the free forever plan simply is an added benefit here which Smart Copy fails to offer. 

Simplified Vs. Smart Copy: Customer Support Service Review 

Simplified Customer Care Review

Just the way Simplified offers super simplified pricing to its users – it even offers the best customer support. That being said, even with the Simplified free forever plan, users get 96 hours of email support for free. In addition to this, if the user chooses to go with the paid plans, with the small team, users will get 72 hours of chat and email support, and with the business plan and the growth plan, users will get priority support from the team. 

To help users learn and explore more about the Simplified AI writing tool, the team even offers multiple learning resources for free. There is a simplified academy available, a blog section, and a help center. Users can even join the Simplified community to connect to people who have been using this tool for a long.

Smart Copy Customer Care Review

Smart Copy, just as the name suggests, offers smart customer support service to all its users. Even with the free plans, users can reach out to the team and chat with a real human to get all their concerns answered. For paid users, the team offers priority live chat and email support. Apart from this, users can even join the Smart Copy community to connect with like-minded people and grow smarter together.

Additionally, there's even a Learn section available on the official website. This section is all about all things marketing. Users can learn more about marketing fundamentals, get conversion insights, and learn the importance of AI in marketing from market experts.

Simplified Vs. Smart Copy: Pros & Cons

Simplified Pros & Cons


  • Free forever plan available
  • 60+ AI content templates
  • Short-form writer included
  • Free flow writer available
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Built-in Grammarly extension
  • Guest editors option available
  • Directly publish to WordPress option available
  • Chrome extension and iOS app available


  • Free-forever plan and the small team plan comes with limited features and access
  • Priority support available with only premium plans

Smart Copy Pros & Cons


  • 45+ AI content templates available
  • Can generate content in 30+ languages
  • Built-in Grammarly
  • Desktop app and chrome extension available
  • Projects feature available to store information about a company or a product in just one place
  • Award-winning customer support team
  • Free plan available with limited credits


  • No free forever plan available
  • The credit-based model can be a bit confusing to new users

Top FAQs on Simplified Vs. Smart Copy 2024

Is Simplified a free AI writing tool? 

Yes, Simplified offers a free forever plan to its users to generate content within seconds.

How accurate is Smart Copy? 

Smart Copy's AI-generated content is factually correct and improved every day with machine learning.

Can I use Smart Copy for free? 

Yes, Smart Copy offers a free plan to its users with limited credits to generate content for free.

What is Unbounce? 

Unbounce is an AI-powered landing page builder through which users can build landing pages from scratch and turn more visitors into customers.

Final Verdict: Simplified Vs. Smart Copy; which one should be your smart choice? 

To wrap things up, both Simplified and Smart Copy offer the best features and access to users at highly affordable pricing. But let's not forget that both tools are built to cater to different audiences. Hence, we believe that Simplified is best suited for agencies and businesses who want to generate bulk content pieces within a short time frame. And on the other hand, SmartCopy is best suited for freelancers and individual marketers who want to generate unique content pieces for their clients quickly. 

Coming to affordability, Simplified is undoubtedly more affordable than SmartCopy. However, both tools offer a range of pricing plans, each coming with a different set of features. So, the lower you would be paying, the lesser the premium feature access you will be getting!

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