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ShortlyAI Free Trial 2024: Get ShortlyAI For Free

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Skeptical about grammatical Errors in your content? This ShortlyAI Free Trial is going to help you.
This article will share a free link to a free trial of the #1 AI-writing assistant – ShortlyAI 
You do not require any sort of credit card or additional details to avail this ShortlyAI free trial. 

So now let's understand how you can get this ShortlyAI Free Trial.

ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 AI writing tool that can help you to write any form of content like blog posts, novels, YouTube Scripts, or anything else you can think of. You can use it for anything you wish to write; all you have to do is enhance the article with images, headers, links, and so on. Also, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the content because it is unique and plagiarism free. The content offered by ShortlyAI is superior to any other AI software, and that is why it is one of the most advanced AI copywriting tools.

Free Trial AccountYes
Use CaseCopy and Content Writing 
Words allowed in Free TrialUnlimited 
Plagiarism- FreeYes
Trial RunFour Times 
Free Trial LinkShortlyAI Free Trial Link 

This ShortlyAI Free Trial will definitely help you clear all your confusion about this AI copywriting tool.

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What is ShortlyAI? ShortlyAI Free Trial Intro & Demo

ShortlyAI is an AI-writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically create content, including articles, emails social media posts, in a few minutes. You just have to provide some input about what you wish to write about, and rest this AI-based tool will take care of the rest.

Further in this post, you will learn more about how you can grab ShortlyAI free trial along with its features, benefits, and more. So without adieu, Let's get started.

How to get ShortlyAI Free Trial 2024? Step-by-Step Guide 

ShortlyAI is an AI based tool that uses the latest GPT-3 based AI technology. So here is a quick guide which you can follow to get ShortlyAI Free Trial.

Step 1: Click on this unique link to visit the official page of ShortlyAI. And then Click on the “Try It now” button.

ShortlyAI Coupons

Step 2: This button will then lead you to the signup page, which looks like the following image.

ShortlyAI Coupon Codes

Step 3: So, as you can see, you are required to enter your details and choose your password to sign up for the ShortlyAI free trial account. You can also choose to signup via your Facebook or Apple Id. After successfully signing up for the ShortlyAI Free Trial, your dashboard will look like this.

ShortlyAI Promo Codes

Step 4: Then you will see few details about ShortlyAI and how you can use it. Just click on the “go it, Next” button for further steps. As you skip the first few steps, you will then be redirected to the writing interface of ShortlyAI, where you can choose to write either a story or a blog post.

ShortlyAI Free Trial Coupon Code

Step 5: Here, you can choose anything which you wish to write – A story or an article/blog. If you have to write a blog post, click on the start writing button of “I’m writing an article/Blog”. Similarly, if you have to write a story, click on the start writing button of “I’m writing a story.”

And that's all! A blank canvas will open where you have to give brief information and a title headline of what you wish to write.

Congrats! You have now unlocked the ShortlyAI Free Trial.

ShortlyAI Pricing Plans | Does ShortlyAI offer Free Plan? 

ShortlyAI Pricing Plans

ShortlyAI offers only two pricing plans – Annual Plan and Monthly Plan. 

With the yearly plan you can save money as you get a 2 months free usage. 

ShortlyAI Monthly Plan – $79/mo 

In this plan you get access to the ShortlyAI commands to write content faster along with all continuous updates. 

ShortlyAI Annual Plan – $69/mo

If you love savings, well, with this plan of ShortlyAI, you get 2 months of extra usage along with all the features of the Monthly plan.

What can you do with the Shortly Free Trial?

As ShortlyAI is an AI-writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence and creates content, at times to try out the accuracy of the tool, you can use this free trial and see whether the tool works for you or not.

You can also discover the various features provided by this tool, along with its efficiency in writing unique content for you. This Free Trial will guide you on how you can start with this AI tool and start generating content at a much faster pace.

Who can try out Shortly AI Free Trial? 

Authors: ShortlyAI offers a special section where you can generate exciting stories, which is really beneficial for all authors. Also, these stories are unique, making this tool a must be tried by the Authors.

Copywriters: ShortlyAI also creates copywriting frameworks that you can use to develop something without starting from scratch. You simply have to use ShortlyAI's Instruct command to do this.

Blogger/Content Creator: This AI tool can also generate lengthy articles for you only if you go paragraph by paragraph.

Social Media Manager: You can use social media content by using ShortlyAI, which can help you with your social media updates.

What are the Benefits of ShortlyAI tool?

Delivers Unique Content Automatically: As ShortlyAI is powered by GPT-3 technology, the world's best and most brilliant machine learning language model, it delivers you unique content quickly. Also, this AI tool can also be used to understand user input and then improve content. All the contents that are generated by ShortlyAI are 100% unique and plagiarism free, and you can generate articles for various niches.

Writing Sales Copy by using Copywriting Frameworks: If you have to make effective sales copy or ad text, ShortlyAI is here with its “Instruct” command, which can help you to create any form of copy.

You can create any type of copywriting framework like:

ShortlyAI Commands: In order to better unitize ShortlyAI better, you have to understand how you can use the commands. These ShortlyAI commands are excellent and helpful before you start your content generation journey with ShortlyAI.

Following are the four Shortly Commands which you can use:

  • Rewrite
  • Shorten
  • Expand
  • Instruct

Writing YouTube Video Scripts: If you have a YouTube channel, ShortlyAI can write scripts of YouTube videos for you. The best part is that you can try out this feature in the ShortlyAI Free Trial. You just have to use the instruct command and briefly describe the topic. And within 4-5 minutes, ShortlyAI will present you with one complete script which will be unique and catchy.

Apart from this, You can also write:

  • Letters
  • Quora Answers
  • Question Ideas
  • Amazon Product Description
  • Social Media Posts
  • Books
  • Blog Posts
  • YouTube Video Headings
  • Features & Benefits of Anything
  • Emails
  • Topic Ideas for Blog & YouTube Channel
  • Poems & Stories and many more. 

Is ShortlyAI Free? Facts about ShortlyAI Free Trial

ShortlyAI is not a free tool, but it does offer a free trial for all users. Its pricing plan starts at $65/mo, which you can pay and gain all the benefits of this premium AI writing assistant tool. Perhaps if you are a saver, opt for the annual plan which will help you get 2 months free on ShortlyAI.

How Can You Create Content Using ShortlyAI Free Trial?

Next, we shall see how you can create content using this ShortlyAI Free Trial. Make sure you follow this step-by-step procedure to get unique content from ShortlyAI.

Step 1: Decide what you wish to write. You get two options, one is for writing the article/blog, and another one is for writing a story.

ShortlyAI Discount Codes

Step 2: Put in a brief description of your article which you wish to write about in the “Article Brief Section,” and then add the Tittle and Starting Intro. Then just press Ctrl+Enter or Click on Start writing.

ShortlyAI Discount Offers

Step 3: Enjoy the output provided by ShortlyAI, which is unique. You can follow this procedure whenever you want to generate articles or stories from this AI tool.

ShortlyAI Deals

So this was a little sample of how the ShortlyAI Free trial will deliver you unique content.

What is ShortlyAI? 

ShortlyAI is termed as a AI writing tool that can generate unique content for you. It is based on the GPT-3 language model, which is the latest technology used in the AI tools that helps you to get content as needed.

How much is ShortlyAI?

The ShortlyAI pricing plan starts from $79/month for a monthly subscription and $65/month if you choose the annual subscription. Also, if you subscribe to the Annual plan, you get 2 months of extra usage for free.

Is there any Word limit in ShortlyAI Free Trial? 

There is no such word limitation in ShortlyAI, but you only get 4 attempts in the ShortlyAI trial. This limit is enough to test the software. But if you subscribe to the paid plans of ShortlyAI, there is no word limit, which makes this software unique and a must-try one.

Which is the best alternative to ShortlyAI?

The closest and best alternative to ShortlyAI is JasperAI. JasperAI is another tool like ShortlyAI which delivers numerous content at much faster speed. 

Does ShortlyAI offer lifetime deals? 

Currently, there are no lifetime deals associated with ShortlyAI. You can subscribe to the Annual plan and enjoy 2 months of extra usage.

ShortlyAI News and Free Trial Coupons on Social Media

Final Verdict: Should you try ShortlyAI Free Trial? 

After using ShortlyAI Free Trial, we did come across numerous reviews stating that it is a great AI content writing tool. Also, it is fast and easy to use it. You can quickly create short and long-form content using it.

We hope you enjoy this step-by-step guide from which you can get ShortlyAI Free Trial. Further, after this Free trial, you can really use this comprehensive solution for AI copywriting and scale your content writing speed and create unique content from it. Also, it is the best fit for anyone. Anyone can use it, even if you are a blogger, content creator or Author. If you really want to save your time and expenses on content writers, you should definitely choose ShortlyAI writing assistant.

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