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Are you in search of an Free Trial? If so, this article will teach you how you can grab it. is a fantastic software that detects content for plagiarism and also checks whether they are generated by AI or not. With such a great feature, this tool is also offering 50 credits free to try out and see all its features.

As per the parameters, more than 50 credits are needed. But these are worth it if you wish to check out all of its features and know how accurate it is.

After you are satisfied with's results, you can move ahead with its paid plans.

But how to activate Free Trial and get 50 credits free? We are going to discuss this process below. So let's begin!

Along with this, the article will also cover the following key points:

  • What is
  • Benefits and Features of
  • Pricing and few offers.

How to Grab Free Trial in 2024?

The first step towards getting this free trial is downloading the chrome extension. By doing so, you can get 50 credits free.

You can follow the steps below to activate the free trial and instantly start finding plagiarism and AI-content detection. Coupon

As you can check out, the tool offers you a free trial to test if the tool is worth it. Only when you feel you are pleased and satisfied with the results you can proceed toward its pricing plans.

  • Step 2: This step is very easy as you only have to click on the “Available in the Chrome Web Store” button. This will take you to the chrome web store through which you can download the chrome extension. Chrome extension

As you can check out from the image above, you are getting 24 credits free, but those were actually 50 credits when we tried it. You only have to add it to your chrome browser.

  • Step 3: Now, when you add the chrome extension, just click on it. You will get a sign-in option to sign up for a free account. Here is what it looks like: Free Trial

You just have to enter your basic details and like your name, email id, and a password of your choice. Check the box to the Agree to terms and conditions and click on the NEXT button.

And surprise! 50 credits are right at your disposal. Logo
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How to Use the Chrome Extension?

After you activate your free trial, it's time to check out how to use it. 

After you download the chrome extension, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to know exactly how to use chrome extension. 

  • Step 1: First is where you have to highlight the page or you can copy the specific content you want to detect for AI or plagiarism. 
  • Step 2: Then right click on it. 
  • Step 3: Hit the “Scan with OriginalityAI checker”

You can also check out the following video from team to know more about how to use their chrome extension.

Few Limitations of the Free Trial

So as you know, a free trial for any tool comes with a few limitations. Here as well, you have a few, which are discussed below:

  • You will not be able to add team members when you are on a free trial.
  • You cannot check the content for plagiarism, and it can show you if the content was copied or not. You will also be able to check out the URL of the website that was plagiarized. But not in the free trial.
  • You cannot run a full website scan for AI content and plagiarism. Through this feature, you can scan a website and find it the content on that website was generated by AI.

If you want to get all of the above-mentioned features, you have to purchase extra credits. 

What is

With the recent growth of AI content writing tools on the market, you require a few tools that can detect which content is generated by AI and which are the ones written by humans. So to help you with that, is a tool that can find plagiarism or detect AI in content and provide you with highly accurate results. is a tool that checks the article for plagiarism and gives you a score. The tool employs machine learning and advanced analysis techniques to deliver accurate results. The tool ensures that your time is not wasted on working with plagiarized or AI-generated content. It solves all the copywriting issues which can land you in legal trouble by finding the problems related to copy-pasting of contents. The tool is a blessing for all those publishers who publish their articles on the web and website owners who regularly have to produce unique and plagiarism-free articles.

What make's this tool unique is that it distinguishes plagiarism content and also filters out AI-written content. The tool is easy to use, and you can start using it in a quick few minutes. You don't require any coding knowledge or anything to use it. All you have to do is to copy and paste your content into the text box, and the tool will do the rest for you!

How does work? working is effortless as soon as you paste the content you want to check for plagiarism or AI. Next, it will look forward to all the cross-references on the web and scan billions of pages and other publicly accessible documents.

After this, the tool detects if the content is plagiarism and will generate a report with a score. You can easily judge whether the content is stolen or original from the score! contains an in-built AI algorithm that is capable of detecting even the minuscule types of plagiarism. This quality makes it even more unique when you compare it with other similar tools on the market.

Who should use

The tool is designed for web publishers and website owners who wish to deliver unique and plagiarism-free content. Here is a list of best-use case scenarios of

  • Web Publishers – For web publishers who are looking to create original content and edit them, this tool is all you should bet on. It will check if any written document is plagiarism-free and written by a human.
  • Content Agencies: These agencies have to deal with thousands of words per month. So, in that case, to check for articles to be plagiarism free, they do require, which can help them deliver original content for their clients and ensure excellent standards.
  • Bloggers – This tool is great for people writing blog posts to earn revenue; this tool is excellent as it can help you detect original content and give unique content to their audiences.
  • Website Buyers – If you have to buy a website from someone, then this tool can scan the entire contents of the website. And then, it will do all the content checking against plagiarism and other issues.

Key Features offered by

Until now, you might have known what is all about. So before wasting any time, we will have a quick look at the various features offered by it.

#1 Checking Contents for Plagiarism 

The tool, as explained earlier, is a fantastic option for checking plagiarism in your content. As you know, any copy-paste article can land you in legal trouble, so it becomes essential to use tools like to keep you safe.

You can easily copy-paste the content in the content scanner box and select the option of finding plagiarism in it. This feature is among this tool's major highlights and delivers excellent results in identifying any similarities or copied text from other sources indexed by Google.

#2 Checking for AI-written Contents 

Another great feature of this tool is that it even finds contents that are generated by AI tools. It will easily find and detect if any content is written by machine. This is really handy when you have to check out whether the content is written by humans or generated by AI.

The tool can detect the following types of AI contents:

  • GPT-2
  • GPT-J 
  • GPT-Neo
  • GPT-3
  • GPT-3.5
  • ChatGPT

#3 Complete Website Scan

As the feature goes on, it will scan the entire website contents for AI and plagiarism. This is a handy feature for Website buyers as they can assess the quality of the website content before purchasing it.

With this feature, you don't have to manually check each piece of content for copied text. You don't even have to only be limited to just checking a specified article or section. This tool will complete a full scan of the entire website and show you accurate results. Pricing

The tool claims to be less expensive than your traditional Plagiarism checking tools. The tool also allows you to add unlimited team members, scan unlimited websites and complete unlimited scans for both Plagiarism and if AI Written content. 

The tool costs $0.01 per credit, where 1 credit scans 100 words. So it's more like you pay on the go. This is handy as you know when and how much credits you require to check your content. You can decide whether you want to check for plagiarism, AI, or both. For further clarity, we have simplified the entire pricing below:

  • For $20, you get 2,000 credits.
  • For $50, you get 5,000 credits
  • For $100, you get 10,000 credits and so on.

Which are the Top Benefits offered by

Next, in our Free Trial Review, we will have a close look at all the benefits offered by this fantastic tool.

#1 Deliver Orginal Content

By using, you can check whether the article contains plagiarism. If it includes, you can take timely action and save yourself from any troubles.

It even checks whether the content is written by humans or generated by AI. Before publishing your content, you have to make sure that it is free from plagiarism.

#2 Saves Money

This tool saves you money in a way where you can hire the right copywriters/content writers who deliver human-like contents which are free from plagiarism as well. Most writers use AI tools and generate content that is not factually correct and doesn't rank on search engines. But with, you can make a perfect assessment of the written content in terms of score and know the value of writing content that ranks higher on search engines.

#3 Adding Team Members for Unlimited Functions

The tool even allows you to add team members to your account. Through this feature, you can detect AI content and sort them out. You can create content on a larger scale and also work on other critical aspects of your business. You can exercise total control over team members and can also limit their access depending on their credit usage.

Pros and Cons of Free Trial


  • Clear plagiarism detection score
  • Free Trial available 
  • AI detection 
  • Team members features
  • Highly Accurate


  • The tool does not provide you insight into which part of the content is AI-generated.

Does offer a Free Trial?

Yes. As discussed earlier, the tool offers you 50 Free credits as a Free Trial through which you can check out all of its features and know the worth of this fantastic tool before choosing its paid pricing.

Is there any Lifetime Deal?

No. When we did this free trial review, we did not find any lifetime deal associated with it. You can purchase the credits and start using this excellent tool easily.

Which type of AI content can detect?

Well, can AI contents like – GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-J, GPT-Neo, and ChatGPT.

How much does cost?

The cost of is $0.01 per credit, where 1 credit scans 100 words. It offers convenient pricing, which is almost like pay-as-you-go.

Can fix AI-detected contents?

No. is only capable of checking the content for AI. It gives you a score that guides you on how much the content is unique and how much is AI-generated. But it cannot fix it.

Conclusion on Free Trial Account 

So while we did this Free trial article, we really liked all of the features offered by this tool. It is highly accurate and works best when you already know that the input text is AI-generated and you want to make it less AI.

As AI tool usage is on a rampage, we require robust tools like to come to our rescue and find AI-generated filthy contents, which usually doesn't rank higher on search engines. You can easily judge from the score disclosed by this tool whether the content is AI-generated or unique.

We hope that you enjoy's Free Trial!

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