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What is Review, Intro & Tutorial Videos is a tool that scans your written articles for plagiarism and AI-written and delivers quality results for the same. The tool is simply not just like the typical “copy-and-paste” ones but also detects paraphrasing, misspellings and even synonyms used in the text.

The tool is a comprehensive plagiarism checker which you can use for a variety of purposes, where you can even scan a complete website or blog posts as well. If you publish content online regularly, you know the value of providing original content which contains zero plagiarism.

And to help you with that, can help you to know how the content is written, whether it is AI-generated or contains plagiarism, or whether it includes paraphrasing or misspellings; the tool has got you all covered and can aid you in finding all of this which make this tool a must!

It gives complete control to its publishers where they can check out the originality of the content by identifying any plagiarism along with detecting if AI tools have generated the content. This tool is built for serious web publishers and created by a team of content marketing and GPT-3 AI experts who entirely understands the user’s needs. For this, it includes features like team management, full site scan and much more.

How does work?

This software will scan the content for all similar content online. Either you can enter the content by copy-paste, or you can select a particular one to scan.

Then this tool will look for all the cross-references available with a database of over billions of web pages and other documents. And after it detects any plagiarism, it will generate a scorecard where you can check out the actual score about whether the content is original or AI-generated. is a plagiarism-checking tool that is integrated with an AI-learning algorithm that powers it to detect even the most difficult types of plagiarism. So you can rest assured that after using this tool, you are not going to publish any articles that are plagiarized.

Who should use

The tool is designed for online business owners to know the originality of their content. This tool is convenient for any kind of online publisher who wants to check whether their content is good enough to be published on the internet and know whether it contains plagiarism or whether it is AI-written.

Following are’s best use-case scenario:

  • Web Publishers: Online publishers have to provide and publish content online regularly. For content to be published online, it must be original and plagiarism free. If your content contains plagiarism, then you can face other concerns and get yourself in trouble. But not with This tool is going to be beneficial as it will not only scan the content for plagiarism but also find whether the content is human-written or written by an AI tool. Coupled with that, you can immediately start as it promises to offer guaranteed results by scanning the article. You also have the team management feature provided by it, which helps in managing a team.
  • Content Agencies: For content agencies, this tool is something that is going to be a blessing. These agencies have to scan thousands of articles per month so as to produce unique content. And with Originality.AI’s “Team Management” feature, you can easily add/remove and monitor team member activity easily. Along with this, you also have an auto-billing feature where your team will not have to wait for the credits to get renewed again. This will increase your productivity and allow you to provide content more accurately and confidently to your clients.
  • Website buyers: Website buyers will be thrilled to know that Originality.AI is going to launch soon a new feature known as Full Site scan. It does not matter how much content is there on the website; this tool is going to check all of them! This feature will scan the entire website for plagiarism and AI detection on all the content, through which you can get a complete picture of a site’s plagiarism and AI content checking quickly.
  • Bloggers: Bloggers regularly are in the race to provide unique and genuine content. In this race, they must have a quick check whether the content is original or not. Because if you offer them plagiarized content, then your website will soon rank low, and your readers might not find the content unique anymore. Features: Get AI Content Detector Chrome Extension for FREE

Next, we shall have a quick look at the various features offered by this fantastic tool.

#1 Plagiarism Checker– Well, that’s the primary feature that this tool offers. As you upload your content, the tool will check it against the database to identify any similar or copied text across all the sources indexed on search engines. After a comprehensive check, the tool will display a score in terms of percentage through which you can know whether the content is original or plagiarized.

#2 AI content checking– After checking plagiarism, the tool can also help you to find whether the content is AI written or not. For this as well the tool scans the entire content to see how much of it is AI-generated. detects the following types of AI content:

  • GPT-2
  • GPT-J
  • GPT-Neo
  • GPT-3
  • GPT-3.5
  • ChatGPT

After scanning, it will display an AI detection score in percentage, through which you can know how much of your content is original and how much is AI-generated.

#3 Full Site Scan– This is an upcoming feature of, which will scan the entire website content for plagiarism. This feature is very handy for website buyers, where they can check out all the content against plagiarism and then decide how to go about it. With this feature, you don’t have to manually check the contents on the website, and just by entering the URL of the website, this tool will do a complete plagiarism check of it and deliver a comprehensive report.

#4 Team Collaboration– With this feature, you can get effective control over your team as you can exclude a few users from using up the credits. You can easily monitor and keep track of the originality of all written and submitted work. This is another handy feature where users get complete control of their content-checking process, thereby saving their expenditure.

#5 Easy-to-use API– The tool also offers easy integration with other tools as well which can increase your overall productivity. Facilitating easy workflow management, this tool will also increase your unique content publishing speed. Pricing Plans: Does Originality offer a Free Plan?

Before speculating about pricing, claims to be less expensive than other plagiarism-checking tools and also offers much more!

It allows you to add unlimited team members along with unlimited websites and complete unlimited scans as well, checking for both plagiarism and if AI writing tools are used to write the content.

In terms of pricing of, well, here you have to purchase credits. And 1 credit scan of 100 words. The price is $0.01 per credit. So we can say that a 1000-word article costs you $10.

FAQs on Coupons & Promo Codes 2023

What does do?

In simple terms, the tool helps users to find plagiarism and AI-written content. When you input your content into it, the tool generates a score. The score range is from 0 to 100. If the AI score is a bit high, then this is a solid reason to support that it is AI-generated content. Along with plagiarism checking, the tool also checks for content quality checking, which is a simply unique feature.

Where can you find the Chrome Extension?

Once you have created your account, you can download the Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store.

How to get great savings using Coupon Code?

You can use our legit Coupon Codes to save significantly. Follow the below-mentioned procedure in order to know how to achieve it.
1. Visit using one of our mentioned deals or coupons.
2. Click on the “Signup Now” button.
3. Make sure you enter all the required details properly. Tick mark the I agree checkbox and click on the ‘Next’ button
4. On the Next page, you have to enter our exclusive Coupon Codes to get a discount on the pricing.
5. After successfully applying the codes, your final billing amount will reflect right in front of you. Simple!

What tools can you use to detect AI-written content? is an advanced Plagiarism + AI Content Detector, which even traces content generated by ChatGPT.

Final Verdict | Get 25% OFF using Coupon Code is a robust plagiarism and AI content detection tool that has got wide-scale recognition. Many of its users have upheld its accuracy, which proves its worth. The software has robust features that offer you a complete overview of your content about whether it contains plagiarism or whether it is written by humans.

This tool is a must if you are an online business owner who has to check and publish unique and genuine content constantly. Use our exclusive Coupons and Discount codes to get a headstart with this premium Plagiarism Checker and AI Detector.

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