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MarkCopy AI Free Trial 2023: 7 Days to Scale your SEO Traffic

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Are you looking for a free AI tool to scale your SEO content 10 times? Well, then you’re in luck. In this MarkCopy AI Free Trial article, we will look at how you can activate your MarkCopy AI Free Trial and use its features to get a higher ranking on Search Engines.

MarkCopy is an AI tool that can help marketing professionals to create engaging and conversion-focused content for a wide variety of content types. The tool is built by marketers for marketers.

Users of MarkCopy AI claim to have gotten an 18x return on investment, more than 40% additional search traffic and visibility, and 5x productivity thanks to AI workflows.

Now that you know what an incredible tool MarkCopy AI is, let’s see how you can start your MarkCopy free trial.

How to activate MarkCopy AI Free Trial?

Here is how you can start your 7-day MarkCopy Free Trial in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: On the MarkCopy AI website click on the ‘Try for Free’ Button

MarkCopy AI Free Trial

Step 2: After the previous step you will be led to the sign-up page. Choose a way to sign up. You can choose to sign up with your Google account or you can sign up using your email.

Signup for MarkCopy AI Free Trial

Step 3: Choose your Company Size.

Activate MarkCopy AI Free Trial

Step 4: Congratulation! You have successfully activated your MarkCopy Free Trial

MarkCopy AI Dashboard

This is how you can start your MarkCopy Free Trial without using a credit card

MarkCopy AI Features: Upscaling Factors

MarkCopy offers a lot of amazing features to its users like

  • Writing Assistant: MarkCopy offers a writing assistant that has a simple interface and enables you to edit the article with ease. The tool can make the writing process quicker and improve the overall productivity and quality of the content delivered.
    This content generator can generate long-form content with ease. The writing tool can even help writers to find relevant content ideas, create content briefs, and more to make a relevant piece of content.
  • SEO Blogpost: MarkCopy can make creative blog posts SEO-friendly. The tool can help improve the readability and SEO making the article rank higher. with this tool you can even generate blog post outlines so you never miss out on relevant topics and can create properly SEO optimized Blog posts
  • Templates: MarkCopy offers templates that make the writing process simpler. Using these templates you can create a variety of content like Facebook Ads, Social media post ideas, business or product names, Product Title, Blog Post Title Ideas, Headline, Unique Value Proposition Ideas, and a whole lot more.
  • Plagiarism Check: MarkCopy offers a plagiarism checker tool that can help writers and marketers to make sure that their content is unique. The tool can scan your document and help you to make unique content that can rank organically.
  • Team Collaboration: MarkCopy offers features for collaboration that helps to connect users and work together in a team. The features help the team to stay updated on the work. You can create folders to organize documents of various colleagues.

MarkCopy AI Pricing Plans

MarkCopy AI Pricing Plans

MarkCopy offers 4 pricing plans which are tailored as per different segment of users overall, the plans are as follow:

MarkCopy Starter Plan

MarkCopy Starter plan comes for $49 per month on yearly billing. This plan offers features like AI Writer with 50,000 words, AI Workflows, Up to 10 SEO Analysis, Advanced Keyword Research (SEMrush), and Integrate 1 social media account.
With this plan, you will also get Optimize and Track 1 website feature when it comes out. This plan offers access for a single user.

MarkCopy Pro Plan

MarkCopy Pro Plan comes for $99 per month on annual billing. This plan offers features like AI Writer with 100,000 words, AI Workflows, Up to 30 SEO Analysis, Advanced Keyword Research (SEMrush), Optimize and tracking 2 websites (when it comes), Integrate 3 social media accounts, 5 workspaces, Schedule with a content calendar, AI & Plagiarism detector (limited).
This plan offers access to 3 users.

MarkCopy Business Plan

The Business plan comes for $209 per month on annual billing. The plan offers features like AI Writer (Unlimited), AI Workflows in Bulk (limited), Up to 70 SEO Analysis, Advanced Keyword Research (SEMrush), Integrate 5 social media accounts, 10 workspaces, Schedule with the content calendar, Unlimited AI & Plagiarism detector and API access (soon). This plan gives access to 5 users.

MarkCopy Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a custom plan. You will have to contact the sales team to get the prices on this plan. In this plan you get features like Unlimited Words, Bulk content creation (extended), Unlimited SEO Analysis, Advanced Keyword Research (SEMrush), Optimize and tracking 5+ websites (soon), 10+ workspaces and websites, Schedule with a content calendar, Create your own custom AI, Styleguide customization, AI & plagiarism detector, Full API (includes access in bulk mode) and Dedicated customer success rep.

MarkCopy AI Use Cases: Multi Domain AI Tool

In this article, we have seen how you can activate your MarkCopy free trial quickly and easily. The tool offers a lot of amazing features for its users. Now we will look at what difference MarkCopy can make for professionals in different domains.

SEO: For SEO, you can write relevant and perfectly SEO-optimized content in minutes using MarkCopy. MarkCopy AI offers integrations with SEMrush, Powerful AI technologies, and direct publishing for WordPress.

Social Media: Plan social media content and create relevant, original content in a matter of minutes using MarkCopy AI. You can even Schedule posts and publish them to your calendar using a single click. This can be of use to content creators that need to deliver high-quality content every time

Create social media posts and other content in minutes using MarkCopy AI.

E-Commerce: For E-commerce sellers, MarkCopy can be a lifesaver as it can create SEO-optimized, attractive product descriptions at scale. You can even upload your CSV file to create plenty of variations with a few clicks!

SEA (Search Engine Ads): For marketers running ads on various search engines, MarkCopy can design copy that can improve the conversion rate and the visibility of their ads.

Landing Pages: Using MarkCopy AI, users can create landing page copy with SEO in mind. With high-performing landing pages optimized by AI, users import in bulk and create as many variations as they want with a single click. This is perfect for A/B testing.

Pros and Cons of MarkCopy AI


  • Easy to use
  • Can Generate Blogposts
  • Offers content outline generator and SEO score
  • Offers Content Planner for LinkedIn
  • Offers Free trial for 3 out of 4 plans


  • Only offers 8 languages
  • Offers a limited free trial

FAQs on MarkCopy Free Trial

How long is MarkCopy Free Trial?

MarkCopy offers a 7-day free trial.

Do I need a Credit Card to activate my MarkCopy Free Trial?

No, you do not need a credit card to activate your MarkCopy Free Trial.

Does MarkCopy offer any free tools?

No, MarkCopy does not offer any free tools.

Are there any other deals or discounts I can get on MarkCopy’s paid Plans?

No, at this moment MarkCopy does not offer any additional deals or offers on its paid plans. However, you can save a lot on your paid plans on yearly billing.

Is there a way to extend my Free Trial?

No, MarkCopy only offers a 7-day free trial that cannot be extended.

Bottom Line: Is MarkCopy Free Trial Worth it?

In this MarkCopy AI Free Trial article, we saw how you can start your free trial, what the features offered by MarkCopy AI are, and how you can use this content generator to create social media posts, long-form content, blog posts, product descriptions and a whole lot more.

MarkCopy can generate high-quality AI-based content within a matter of minutes. You can use this tool to even create a comprehensive content strategy along with various pieces of content with ease.

MarkCopy offers a 7-day free trial for its users. The free trial is available on 3 plans, this means you can use some of the premium features of MarkCopy for a limited time. The free trial is a great way to experience the AI-generated Content produced by MarkCopy AI.

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