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INK AI Pricing Plans 2024: Try INK AI for Free!?

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Wondering which AI tool fits your budget and offers all the features you want? Then you have arrived at the right place!

In This INK AI pricing plan article we will take a look at the different pricing plans INK AI has to offer, the features offered in each plan, who is this tool useful for, and more!

So let’s take a closer look at INK AI.

INK AI Quick Overview

INK AI Overview

INK AI is an AI writing tool that helps people to write better using machine learning and a combination of complex algorithms. It is an all-in-one solution for writing, editing, planning, and optimizing content.

This tool can also generate Images with AI and even protect your content and website from AI content detection. We will talk about all these features and more in the coming sections but before that let's take a look at the pricing plans of this amazing tool.

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INK AI Pricing Plans

Ink AI Pricing

INK AI offers 2 pricing plans

Professional Plan

The INK AI Professional plan comes for $39 per month. This plan only offers one user login and has features like Unlimited AI writing, Unlimited SEO articles, Unlimited AI Images, all the features and apps of the AI tool, AI Content Shield, Keyword Research and clustering, more than 130 AI templates, more than 20 languages along with support, community, and training.

You can save $120 on this plan if you go for an annual billing for $468 per year only.

Enterprise Plan

The INK AI Enterprise plan comes for $99 per month. This plan offers multiple users and all the features of the professional plan. Additionally, this plan also offers 3 paid users including advanced team management, Team performance tracking, support for more than 50 user teams, and premium support.

You can save more than $200 per year on this tool by choosing annual billing which is $1,188 per year only.    

Apart from all these features INK AI also offers features like

FeaturesProfessional Plan (unlimited)Enterprise Plan (unlimited)
Natural Language Optimization
INK KUPE AI Paraphrasing
Real-time Sematic SEO Scoring
Private Demo
Personal Usage Tracking
Extra Users
Real-time Semantic SEO Scoring

What are the Key Features of INK AI?

As we have seen in the last section the features available with each plan, now we will take an in-depth look at these features to understand them more closely.

INK AI Writer

The Ink AI writer can help you to grow, convert and protect your content with ease and reliability. The tool can help you to generate text that is geared towards SEO performance. The tool can create content based on your needs. It can understand what your content needs and applies the right model to solve your content problem. The tool has an in-built research tool that can help you to create the best possible content. This tool is powered by a leading content performance AI that is a Natural Language Optimization technology that ensures your content performs.

SEO Optimizer

The SEO Optimizer tool will help you to rank your content on page one of Google search results. The tool can provide you with an accurate SEO score for your article with a simple click. All you have to do is get a high score for your content that is calculated in real-time so you can understand where your content needs attention. INK AI also offers Keyword Research and Keyword Cluster features that will help you to create effective and optimized content with ease.

AI Images

Apart from generating content, INK AI can also generate high-quality images using AI. You can create amazing images using the INK AI Image generation tool. All you have to do is give the tool a prompt that is then converted into a high quality image. You can create amazing pictures to use for your marketing campaigns all with the right prompt. This tool can help you create the right visuals to go with your content.

Content Shield

As AI content generators become popular, more and more companies and search engines are flagging the use of AI tools and AI-generated content. You can prevent that by using the Content Shield tool that will help you to detect plagiarised content and content that can be detected as AI-generated content. This tool will help your brand to stay protected.

Who is INK AI useful for?

INK AI is an amazing tool that can be used by marketers, agencies, bloggers, and more to generate amazing content for a variety of purposes. You can create amazing content at twice the speed with this INK AI. The tool can not only improve the quantity but also ensure quality content every time. The content shield by INK AI can protect your content from plagiarism and give you content that cannot be detected as AI-generated content. This tool is not just for individuals but it also has some amazing team management tools depending on the plan.

This tool can be a real asset for small companies that want to generate high-volume, high-quality content without spending a lot on resources. This tool can be an asset for content creators and influencers that need to generate high-quality short-form content consistently. For bloggers, this tool can act as a source of ideas as well as a tool to get over a writing slump.

Pros and Cons

INK AI has many strengths and some weaknesses, in this section we can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this tool.


  • Has a wide variety of content-creation tools
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Writes unique and High-quality content for a variety of platforms
  • Has a Built-in Content Optimizer
  • Has set content templates
  • Contains an in-built AI image generator.


  • The AI is not perfect and can get confused at times
  • INK AI content scoring is not accurate


How many pricing plans does INK AI offer?

INK AI offers 2 pricing plans that are the professional plan and the enterprise plan. The professional plan comes at $39 per month and the Enterprise plan comes at $99 per month. The major difference between the two plans is the team-based features that are offered with the enterprise plan.

What INK AI plan should I choose?

If you are a single user that wants to use all the features of INK AI, then you can choose the professional plan that offers all the major features like AI writing, Content Shield, Keyword Clusters, Keyword Research, and a lot more.
If you want to get INK AI for an organization, you should choose the Enterprise plan that will give you access to all the features and you will also get various team management tools as well.

Why should I choose INK AI?

INK AI is an all in one content generator that can produce high-quality content. The tool can produce text as well as images and has loads of formats to choose from. This amazing tool can even help you to protect your content from plagiarism and AI detection.

Does INK AI offer a free trial?

Yes, INK AI offers a 5 day free trial that you can activate by creating an account using your Google, Facebook or Microsoft email ID.

Conclusion: Which INK AI plan should you choose?

 In this article, we have seen the pricing plans offered by INK AI. The tool has a wide variety of functions that can be used to generate text as well as image content. The tool has an amazing collection of templates that can be used to generate a variety of long-form and short form content with ease, You can create amazing content in different languages with this tool and not even worry about AI detection because of the AI shield feature.

There are some drawbacks like the AI can get confused at times and it can generate irrelevant content at times but that is not a deal breaker when it comes to AI tools. If you are looking for an all-around content generation tool, INK AI just might be what you were looking for.

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