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Hypotenuse AI Coupons 2024: Save 17% & Get 87,500 Words for Free ✅

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Are you looking for 100% genuine Hypotenuse Coupons and promo offers? We then look no further! In this article, we will look at some of the best Hypotenuse AI coupons and deals you can avail to get the most discount on the paid plans of this AI Copywriting tool as well as a 7-day Hypotenuse AI free trial that can be availed without any credit card details required!

Hypotenuse AI is an all-in-one content and research suite with a wide variety of capabilities that can help generate textual and visual content.

Verified Hypotenuse AI Coupon

Get 700 free credits for 7 days with the Hypotenuse AI free trial. No credit card required!
You can also get a 17% discount using the below-mentioned coupons.

The tool has many exciting use cases like Content Detective, Image Generation, Hypochat, and Batch Generation along with various templates for SEO and conversions, social media, paid ads, and writing and brainstorming.

Latest Hypotenuse AI Coupons and Promo Codes 2024

Hypotenuse AI logo
Global Deal

Save 17% on Hypotenuse AI

Redeem a 17% discount on Hypotenuse AI with verified coupons and promo deals. Offer valid on all plans.
People Used 77552
Only Left 5257
On-Going Offer
Hypotenuse AI logo
Unlimited Deal

Unlimited 2K images and 87,500 words limit free

Create unlimited 2K AI images and get 87,500 words free for 7 days with the Growth plan free trial.
People Used 70708
Only Left 5980
On-Going Offer
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Staff Pick

Get 700 Free Credits for 7 Days

Hypotenuse AI Growth Plan free trial. No credit card is required!
People Used 88776
Only Left 5346
On-Going Offer
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Staff Pick

200 Watermark Free Images and Bulk Product Descriptions

Get 200 watermark-free images and access to bulk product descriptions at $24 with annual billing. Deal for Starter Plan
People Used 67508
Only Left 8076
On-Going Offer
Hypotenuse AI logo
Staff Pick

Activate Credit Rollover Service on Hypotenuse AI

Get access for up to 5 users and a month-to-month Credit rollover for unused credits with annual billing on the Growth plan.
People Used 68991
Only Left 5599
On-Going Offer
Redeemable Hyptonenuse AI Offers DescriptionHypotenuse AI Coupons/Offer
200 watermark-free images and bulk product descriptions at $24 per monthGet 200 watermark-free images and Generate 50 AI images along with access to bulk product descriptions at $24 with annual billing of the starter planActivate Deal
25,000 words, more than 25 languages at $24Get a word limit of 25,000 words along with access to more than 25 languages at $24 per month on the starter plan.Activate Deal
Unlimited 2K images and 87,500 words limit for freeCreate unlimited 2K AI images and get 87,500 words for free for 7 days with Growth Plan Free trial.Activate Deal
Access for 5 users and Credit rollover serviceGet access for up to 5 users and a month-to-month Credit rollover for unused credits with annual billing on the Growth plan.Activate Deal
Get 700 free credits for 7 daysHypotenuse AI Growth Plan free trial. No credit card is required!Activate Deal

These are some of the best deals you can get with Hypotenuse AI, Which one would you choose?

How to Activate Hypotenuse AI Coupon?

As we have seen in the earlier sections Hypotenuse offers some great deals for its users. Let’s see how you can generate unlimited 2K images and get 87,500 words for free. No Credit card is required.

Step 1: Click on Activate Deal from the table above. This will take you to the Hypotenuse pricing plan page

Step 2: On the pricing page click on the ‘Try it for free’ button under the growth plan.

Hypotenuse AI Coupons

Step 3: You will be redirected to a signup page where you can log in using your email or you can choose to continue using your Google Account.

Hypotenuse AI Signup

Step 4: We chose to go with our Google Account

Hypotenuse AI Login Process

Step 5: After choosing an account you will be redirected to Hypotenuse AI. Enter your details and purpose and press continue

Hypotenuse AI discount coupons

Step 6: Choose the tool you want to start using, and press continue.

Hypotenuse AI Starters Dashboard

Step 7: Congratulations! You have successfully started your 7-day free trial. Now you can start making as many high-quality images as you want and using all the other amazing features. (this is HyperChat since we chose it in the previous step).

Hypotenuse AI Dashboard

Now that you have complete access to all the features that Hypotenuse AI offers, I would recommend choosing the annual billing option that would save you around 17% on any of the Hypotenuse plans.

How much can I save with Hypotenuse AI Coupons?

Here is a table to show how much you can save with each plan

Hypotenuse AI PlansMonthly Plan Price (Monthly billing)Monthly Plan Price (Annual billing)Savings (Annual)Savings Percentage
Starter Plan$29$24$6017%
Growth Plan$59$49$12017%

Hypotenuse Features: What can you do with Hypotenuse AI?

Hypotenuse offers a lot of useful features that can help you to generate visual and textual content.

Content Detective: This tool can help you to write factually accurate articles using the power of AI. The tool uses relevant insights from live content to look at the points of focus. You can leverage the power of AI to generate content based on the research from the research tool. This tool can even cite the sources within your content to make it more credible.

Hypochat: This is another interesting offering by Hypotenuse AI. This tool is essentially a chatbot that can create factually accurate content based on word prompts. You can even provide it with links for more context. Hypochat remembers conversations and can take action on the content based on your chat history. The chatbot can even rewrite content for different platforms. With Hypochat you can directly edit the results using its AI tools and exports content directly to WordPress.

Hypoart: Hypoart is a tool offered by Hypotenuse Ai that can help you to create high-quality images by using word prompts. You can ask it to draw anything. This tool can be used by Marketers, designers, and Entrepreneurs that want to create a high-quality image with little effort. The tool can help to bring your ideas to life!

AI Batch Content Generator: As a marketer or an e-commerce store owner, you need new content constantly. Instead of creating one piece of content at a time the AI batch content generator can help to generate and manage large batches of data. With this tool, you can write in different languages and tones. You can easily export and import your data easily and manage the workflow and batch management. This tool can also reveal new keyword opportunities by writing using those keywords quickly and efficiently.

In addition to these features, Hypotenuse AI also offers templates for SEO and conversion, paid ads and social media, and writing and brainstorming.

SEO and conversion: Hypotenuse AI offers templates for Blogs, product descriptions and Headlines, and Slogans. These templates can be of great use to SEO and content marketers, Copywriters, and Entrepreneurs. These templates can help them to conduct thorough research and create customer-centric content.

The product descriptions tool can generate product descriptions in bulk which can help E-commerce businesses to save a lot of time.

Paid Ads and Social Media: Hypotenuse AI provides templates for social media. Users can create Instagram captions, Google ads, and Facebook ads for their brands using Hypotenuse AI.

Writing and Brainstorming: Hypotenuse AI provides features for rewriting and summarizing content. These tools can help you to enhance your writing as well as repurpose old articles and blogs to create something new.

Special Features of Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI offers an interesting mix of features and templates for its users. The biggest advantage the tool has over most AI tools out there is the robust research it can conduct before generating content.

Along with that another thing that can be really useful for Ecommerce stores online is the Batch Generation feature that allows users to generate a wide variety of content in batches. This can save time in writing tedious product descriptions one at a time.

Hypotenuse Pricing Plans: How much does Hypotenuse AI cost?

Hypotenuse AI Pricing Plans

In the previous section we saw how you can activate a free trial of one of the premium plans of Hypotenuse AI now let us look at how much Hypotenuse AI costs.

Hypotenuse AI Starter Plan

The Starter Plan comes for $24 per month on annual billing. This plan offers 100 credits (25,000 words), Article Writing Wizard, 200 watermark-free AI images as well as 50 user-generated images. The image quality for the available images is 1024px.

Along with that you also get Bulk product descriptions, more than 25 languages, standard support, and credit rollover from month to month (only available on yearly billing). This plan offers access to a single user.

Hypotenuse AI Growth Plan

The Growth Plan comes for $49 per month on yearly billing. The plan offers all the features of the starter plan and 350 credits (87,500 words), Unlimited watermark-free AI images. The image quality for the images available is 2048px.

In this plan, you also get 25 plagiarism checks, Priority email, and chat support, and Credits roll over from month to month. This plan offers access for up to 5 users.

Hypotenuse AI Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a custom plan. You will have to book a demo to get a quote on this plan. This plan offers Annual license-based pricing, including overage buffers, a Custom AI model and templates tailored to your brand voice, API access, Organization management, user roles for teams, and a Personal account manager. This plan gives access to more than 5 users

FAQs on Hypotenuse AI Coupons & Promo Codes

Does Hypotenuse offer Coupons?

No, Hypotenuse AI does not offer coupons at the moment. However, you can save up to 17% on the annual billing of any of Hypotenuse AI’s Plans.

Is there any Hypotenuse AI Free trial?

Yes Hypotenuse AI offers a free trial for 7 days on two of its plans. You can choose from any of the 2 plans to avail of the free trial.

Do I need a credit/debit card to start my free trial?

No, you do not need a debit/credit card to start Hypotenuse AI free trial.

Can I change or cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely. You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade your subscription at any time. If you decide to downgrade your plan, you'll get a pro-rated refund automatically at the end of the month, based on your usage. If you cancel your plan, you'll stay on that plan until the end of your billing cycle.

What payment methods does Hypotenuse AI accept?

Hypotenuse AI uses Stripe to process your payments securely. You can pay with the following payment methods. All major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and China UnionPay Wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay, Bank payment methods in the EU including Sofort, giropay, iDEAL, and Bancontact

Conclusion: Best Hypotenuse AI Coupons for the Highest Savings

In this Hypotenuse AI Coupons article, we have taken a look at Hypotenuse, an AI tool that can generate fact-checked content with ease and can even help to make research and content generation simpler. The tool has intuitive features and templates that can help users to create textual as well as visual content.

The tool offers a lot of great deals for its users to choose from. However, the best one we think is the Hypotenuse AI growth plan free trial that gives you access to some amazing content generation features as well as unlimited AI image generation in 2K. You can avail of this free trial without using a credit card. 

If you are an AI enthusiast and like to stay updated with all kinds of AI-related news and offers, check out We have updates on the latest AI tools to check out, deals, free trials, and a lot more. So check out before your next purchase to save big on premium AI tools.


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