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Frase Coupons & Promo Codes: Start Content Generation at $1

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Get the best Frase coupons and promo codes that can help you save some extra bucks on your next purchase. Along with that, you can also make your way around Frase $1 trial which can be an excellent way to explore the user interface, tools, and features offered by Frase.

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Frase is an AI-powered tool that assists you in creating SEO-optimized content by identifying the best keywords and questions for your article while focusing on content gaps, AI-powered content optimization, and much more. Frase is one of the first SEO tools working on AI. Using Machine Learning Techniques and Natural Language Processing, it interrogates and understands web content in order to identify the most relevant topics and questions for your keyword. You can also generate article summaries, create content briefs, or discover statistics from other articles using this tool.

Frase Coupons & Promo Codes 2023: Get Frase Trial for $1

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Top Frase Coupons and Promo Codes 2023

Frase Coupon OfferFrase Coupon Offer detailsFrase Coupon Code
Frase CouponStart using Frase for $1Activate Deal
Frase Discount CodeGet Solo Plan for $12 per monthActivate Deal
Frase Promo CodeTeam Plan at just $97 per monthActivate Deal

What is Frase? Frase Free Trial Intro, Demo & Videos

With Frase, you can generate SEO-optimised content by identifying the best keywords and questions for your article. Frase is one of the first SEO tools that utilizes AI. It interrogates and understands web content in order to identify the most relevant topics and questions for your keyword. This tool can also be used to generate article summaries, create content briefs, or discover statistics from other articles.

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that Frase supports multiple languages English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, and Portuguese.

Frase Features at a Glance

Frase offers some excellent features that can help in making things excellent for multiple operations including keyword/topic analysis, AI content generation, and much more. Here are some of the basic key features that are included in all the plans offered by Frase:

  • Automated Content Briefs: This feature can be really helpful in making things better for understanding which content is getting listed in the SERP and what needed measures can be taken to make better content.
  • Content Scoring: The content scoring by Frase can be counted among some of the best things that Frase has got to offer, this feature is basically a topic score kind of thing and can be really helpful on multiple aspects.
  • Content Editor: This feature can be really helpful in optimizing your existing content as well. All you need to do is enter the search query and the URL of the article published, Frase will extract the content and will also show what needed keywords can be added to get along with better content optimization.
  • Share Document: This feature can be an excellent feature and is not found in most of the similar tools, Frase gives this feature to share the content and edit docs without requiring a seat. Frase also offers this option to share detailed briefs that can help you overall.
  • Outline building: As you can see which topic is getting ranked on Google for a certain topic and what are the outlines or headlines that certain content is using.
  • Custom templates: You have also get custom templates that can be used for AI-powered content generation across different tools.
  • Project Status Settings: Writers can update the content status for understanding which content is done/completed.
  • Team Project Folders: You can also generate the team/project folders that can help you in managing things on a better scale.
  • Google Search Console: Frase also works on this system for Google Search console for analyzing and understanding the site-wide analytics and making better optimization overall.

Some of the additional features that Frase offers, well these SEO add-ons cost only $35/month and give you access to tools like:

  • Keyword Search Volume: Having an idea of the monthly search volumes can be really helpful in understanding what type of strategies can be taken into consideration.
  • SERP data enrichment: If you are looking forward to making your content rank over a certain topic or keyword, you can also make your way around other important data such as domain authority, backlinks, and word count for top results.
  • Frase AI Writer: You can also make your way around the AI content writer that can help you generate content for almost any content. You can get along unlimited access to the Frase AI writer but this should not be considered equivalent to unlimited content generation.

Why Choose Frase?

While looking for an AI copywriting tool it is important to know the important features and discounts offered by this tool to get the best out of the tool. Frase is a tool that is one of the major and reliable AI tools since AI copywriters arrived on the scene. The content generation tool is well known for its intuitive features that can enhance the quality of an article or a copy on a granular level based on its intent and audience. The tool is known for its thorough research and various functions that can help content and copywriters to enhance their writing from a readability and SEO perspective. This tool uses SERP analytics to build heatmaps and other keyword data that can balance reliability and SEO

Who is Frase For?

As we have seen until now frase is an amazing tool that can be used to do research and write content with ease. This tool can be used by

Content Writers: Frase can be an asset for content writers that need to generate long form content in the form of articles, Press release, Blogs, and various other forms of long-form content

This tool help you save a lot of time on research and finding the right headings for various sections of the article. Along with that the tool also has paraphrasing and AI writing capabilities that can help writers when they are facing writer’s block.

Bloggers: Frase can help bloggers to reach their niche by finding the right keywords and headings that will appeal to a particular audience. Along with its excellent SEO capabilities and plagiarism detection, bloggers can be assured of the quality of content created with frase.

This tool can also help bloggers to find new ideas for their blogs to further enhance the quality of their content.

Agencies: Marketing agencies that need different forms of content in large quantities can use Frase to do quality checks and generate content that is relevant to the intent and the audience.

This tool can reduce the dependency on human writers and create content using its many amazing tools. Frase can help in increasing the productivity of existing writers as well as make its own contributions in terms of delivering high-quality content.

Frase Pricing Plans: Try Frase Team Plan for $1

Frase Pricing Plans

Frase offers 3 pricing plans to its users.

Solo Plan: The Solo Plan comes for $12 per month on annual billing. This plan offers ‘Write & Optimize’ for 4 articles per month, AI Writer with 4k words per month, Google Search Console Integration and the WordPress Plugin. This plan only offers access to a single user.

Basic Plan: The Basic Plan comes at $37 per month on annual billing. The plan offers ‘write and optimize’ for 30 articles per month, AI Writer with 4k words per month, Google Search Console Integration, and the WordPress Plugin. Along with all this, you also get unlimited document sharing in this plan.  This plan is only meant for a single user.

Team Plan: The Team Plan comes for $97 per month on annual billing. The plan offers unlimited ‘Write & Optimize’, AI Writer with 4k words/mo, Google Search Console Integration, WordPress Plugin, Google Docs Plugin and Unlmited Doc Sharing. This plan gives access to 3 users

Note: Frase offers 15% off on annual billing of all its plans. If you want to try any of these plans you can pay $1 to start your 5-day trial of any of the 3 plans.

Does offer any Unlimited Plan?

Currently, there is no unlimited plan available that was available in the past. The offer was available on appsumo but does not have anything available as of now, but you can try the Frase annual plan while saving some extra bucks on Frase using one of the deals mentioned above.

Pros & Cons of Frase Coupons and Promo Codes


  • SEO-driven content generation and optimization
  • Can be helpful in getting along with topic gaps
  • Offers refund option within 5-calendar days if not satisfied by the services (No refund for a 5-day trial period).
  • Gives access to content scoring
  • Built-in Editor available


  • No Unlimited Plan is available as of now.

Top FAQs on Frase Coupons & Promo Codes 2023

Can I use more than one Frase Coupons or Promo Codes for my order?

You cannot use two or more Frase coupon codes on a single order, as this would lower the probability of having the coupon function. People want to save money on Frase services, but using more than one coupon code may make the process more difficult and prevent the codes from working, so you won't receive any discounts on the plan you select.

Are there any recently expired Frase coupon codes?

An expired coupon may still be used if the campaign is still active. However, the business may reactivate the campaign and activate the expired coupon code depending on the demand.

Does Frase offer any trial?

Yes, Frase offers a $1 trial for 5-days that can help you in understanding and get along with the tools, features, and user interface offered by Frase.

What is a document credit in Frase?

Every document in Frase Content requires 1 document credit. There are two types of documents in Frase: document credits are used every time a new document is created. If you delete a document, you will not receive any credits. The two actions include importing content from a live URL into existing content and creating a new document. Each requires a document credit.

What is the best Coupon offer for Frase?

Frase offers some awesome deals for users that are using Frase for the first time or even for existing users. The best deal according to us is the Frase team plan for $97. You can get this deal by choosing the annual billing of the Frase Team plan.

Does Frase offer any Coupon Codes?

No, Frase does not offer any coupon codes at the moment but you can find deals and offers on Frase in the earlier sections of this article.

How much money can I save on Frase?

You can save 15% on the yearly plans of Frase. You can even use many of the great free tools Frase has to offer. While you can’t count that in terms of money, you can get quite a lot out of this excellent tool.

Can I apply Expired Coupon Codes to get discounts on Frase?

You can try your luck with expired coupon codes as companies sometimes forget to take out certain coupon codes even after their expiry. It is like a shot in the dark, but it might work if you’re lucky.

Where can I get the best and latest deals and offers on Frase?

Right here on! We keep on updating our content so you can be sure that you are getting the verified and best deals on Frase and other AI writing tools.

Frase News & Coupons on Social Media

Why is Better than Other SEO Content Optimization Tools?

One of the main reasons is its easy-to-use interface along with the on-point keyword analysis to unlock the traffic potential of your content. focuses on delivering the best keywords and analyzing the important factors like Word count, Domain authority, and Headings categorized into H1, H2, H3, etc. in the SERP result. In addition to all this, you can also select the region where you are basically targetting.

This, as a result, can help you in gaining and unlocking a huge traffic potential region-wise while making it suitable for search engines, plus you can also use's AI copywriting for crossing over that mind block, overall, an excellent choice for bloggers, digital agencies, copywriters, and individuals indulged into online marketing and similar operations.

Conclusion: Frase Coupons & Promo Codes 2023

In this Frase Coupons and Deals article we have seen what are the different ways Frase can make your job easy as a writer. The tool can help you to do research and write with ease and all in one place. You can say goodbye to switching tabs and constantly checking keywords for SEO with this copywriting tool.

Frase offers some sweet deals for its users as we saw in this article and the best one is definitely the team plan at $96 per month with yearly billing. The tool has a lot of advantages that can help all kinds of writers and content professionals to enhance the quality of their content. In addition to that, there are some very useful free tools offered by Frase that can give you a hands-on idea about the quality of work that Frase can give.

If you are looking for more amazing deals and offers on AI tools online, Then is the best place. We have updates on all premium Ai tools you are looking for and all the best and verified deals they offer. So stay updated with for the best deals and the latest tools in the AI world.

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