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EmailWritr Lifetime Deal 2023: Is it Legit or Fake?

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Are you in search of an EmailWritr Lifetime Deal? If so, you have just landed at the right place!

Email Marketing is where you strive to bring in great conversions by sending emails to potential customers. This is an effective way of marketing as you can contact the customers directly and tell them more about your products/services and all the new offers associated with them.

But creating an email that can compel users is challenging. If you over-exaggerate and propose your emails, they can look like spam to your customers; therefore, you have to be quite judicious while creating an email copy.

EmailWritr is an answer to this problem, as the tool is widely recognized as among the top email marketing tools which can generate compelling email copies for various niches. You only have to answer a few questions about your product, and the tool will present you with a fantastic email marketing copy.

EmailWritr Review – What is EmailWritr?

EmailWritr Review

EmailWritr is an AI email marketing tool that generates emails that can fetch you more clicks and conversions. This tool is simply excellent as with zero copywriting experience; you can generate email marketing copies that can be equally compelling, if not more than those written by human writers.

The tool writes emails for various industry types, and as an affiliate, you can just sit back and relax as the tool, with bare-minimum input, will generate the correct email marketing copy that will bring in more clicks and sales.

It is pretty easy to use EmailWritr as you have to choose from the various email templates it offers, whether it be e-commerce emails or Black Friday ones or those welcome sequences; the tool has got it all. You only have to answer a few questions about your product/service and target audience and hit the generate button to create a single email or a sequence of 5-9 emails. Isn’t it excellent?

As EmailWritr will give you the output, you can just check out the quality of it and add a few changes or tweaks if required and use the email marketing copy to drive good sales. No more email copywriters are needed when you use this tool, as the tool offers you plenty of pre-build email templates, which you can choose according to your requirement. These pre-build templates are created by experts and are the ones that are proven to bring in great conversions.

EmailWritr is relatively easy to use as you get instant access to all your saved projects right from your dashboard, or you can even create a new one quickly. It does not matter if you are a Local Business Owner or a Freelance Copywriter, or a Marketer – this tool has got it all to help you write compelling email copies.

This tool, most importantly, will support businesses and save them time and money. You can easily grow your business by only learning the basics of email marketing and by using this tool. EmailWritr offers you access to a variety of email types, and with these email types, you can improve your business or sales email qualities and increase the sales of your products.

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What makes EmailWritr different?

Following are a few solid reasons why you should choose EmailWritr for your Email marketing solution.

  • The tool allows you to create a custom email sequence where just by answering a few questions about your product/service and even about your audience.
  • You can create all types of emails without any restrictions, irrespective of the pricing plan you choose.
  • You can create an unlimited number of email sequences with EmailWritr. Besides that, it even has a feature where you can create sequence-based emails and single-based emails.
  • The tool offers you access to a fantastic collection of “Done-For-You Email Swipes,” which can tweak according to your requirements and generate fantastic conversions.
  • EmailWritr also promises to offer unlimited upgrades of all its new features that it releases to 100% free. You don’t have to download any updates, as they will be done automatically since the software is cloud hosted.
  • From its ‘custom template tab,’ you can create unlimited personal niches/industries email types and even reusable scripts.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard through which you can quickly edit your saved projects and make changes to the email sequences you created earlier.
  • You can swipe across 1600+ Email templates which are written in a pattern that you can customize and fill in the blank spaces to get your perfect email copy.
  • Even you can export email sequences that you created into many formats like PDF, Doc, and even a Txt file.
  • You can even request for custom emails to be written for you by their experienced team of copywriters, for which you will have to pay a specific price.
  • Help is just a touch away, as the tool even offers you 24/7 support.

Types of Emails you can generate by using EmailWritr

The best part of using EmailWritr is that you can quickly create just about any kind of Email in any niche, which makes this tool have applications in various industry sectors as well. With the wide variety of email templates available, let’s check out how the types of Emails that this tool can generate.

E-commerce Emails

Welcome SequencePost Purchase Sequence
New Product Alert SequenceBlack Friday Sequence
Cyber Monday SequenceProduct Of the Week & Month Sequence
Holidays & Special Occasions SequenceUpsell & Cross Sell Sequence
Cart Abandonment SequenceRe-engagement Sequence

SaaS Emails

Affiliate Program SequencePost Trial Sequence
Launch SequenceFree Trial Invitation Sequence
Re-engagement SequencePre-Launch Sequence
New Feature Release SequenceLTD & Time Limited Offers Sequence
Sequence to Win Back UsersEmail Sequence for Free Version Users

Real Estates Emails

Buyer Clients SequenceSeller leads Sequence
Cold Buyer Leads Reactivation SequenceSeller Clients Sequence
Cold Seller Leads Reactivation SequenceBuyer leads Sequence

B2B Agency Emails

Follow up SequenceInquiry Reply Emails
Testimonial Request EmailsProspecting Email Sequence (Cold Outreach)
Referral Request EmailsAnd many more!

Webinar Emails

Follow Up – ReminderInvite to Own Webinar
Webinar Invitation Emails for AffiliatesWebinar With And Authority
Webinar Replay EmailYT FB & IG Live Training/Broadcast
Change In Webinar Date EmailsWebinar Replay Email
Encore Webinar Email 

Other Email Types

Soap Opera SequenceOwn Product/Service Promo Sequence
Daily Seinfeld SequenceWelcome Email
Story telling emailsRe-engagement Emails
Affiliate Promotion SequenceEducational Email Sequence
And so much more! 

How to Use EmailWritr?

Following are the 4 simple steps through which you can begin using EmailWritr.

  • Step 1: You first have to visit the EmailWritr website and log in to your EmailWritr account and select the niche/industry and the type of email you require.
  • Step 2: Then, you have to answer a few product/services question and also about the target audience.
  • Step 3: After this, hit the ‘Create Email Sequence’ button, and the tool will generate 5-9 email sequences.
  • Step 4: You can then send the emails to your list and sit back and relax to see your conversions getting sore!

EmailWritr Key Features

Next, we shall look at the top features this tool offers.

#1 Easy to use

EmailWritr is a tool that is simply easy to use, as even beginners find it relatively easier to navigate through the simple dashboard. By providing just minimum input about your product/services, the tool offers you a variety of email sequences quickly.

#2 Cloud Hosted

The tool is entirely cloud-hosted, so you don’t have to worry about downloading it or even worrying about any data loss, as the tool ultimately saves your data on the cloud, and you can begin your journey from where you let.

#3 Saves Time

Writing compelling emails manually is completely time-consuming and requires a learning curve process. But by using EmailWritr, you can just skip all of this, as the tool has a powerful AI which will generate the correct email copies for you within no time.

#4 Removes Writer’s Block

At times we all suffer from Writer’s Block. Finding the correct email and the ones which you require can, at times, consume your day completely with absolute or zero productivity. But with EmailWritr, you can just forget about all of this, as this robust email-generating tool will provide you with email copies within a few seconds!

#5 Grows your Business

With EmailWritr Email copies, you can certainly grow your business as it gives you copies that can yield great conversions on the go. With great conversions come great profit which can aid in the growth of your business and make it more successful.

#6 Saves Money

You no longer require an Email Copywriter, as this tool can help you with all of that! The tool will provide you with all the necessary email types, which are just human-like and even more compelling!

Who should use EmailWritr?

For all those Email Marketers, Businesses, and Content creators, this tool has got it all. Let’s just quickly look at how this tool is helping out.

Local Business owners

EmailWritr can help you to generate emails irrespective of which industry or type of product/services you sell. It will help you to grow your customer base and increase revenue with the power of email marketing.

Freelancers and Agency owners

Forget the days of wasting time searching across and creating an email copy. Using this tool, you can make those hard-hitting emails which can promote your products or services effectively.


It does not matter who you are and what product or service you are promoting, whether as an affiliate or as a marketer; this tool will help you with all the email marketing required and curate an email marketing copy that can drive good clicks and sales.


By using this tool, you can complete your copywriting projects quickly and deliver good-quality email copies to your clients. It will save you time, and you can create multiple projects quickly and with great effectiveness, which will maximize your income.

Online Business Owners

We will say that this tool is a must for online business owners as it can help them promote their products effectively to their targeted audience. It does not matter whether you sell digital products or physical products online; EmailWritr will help you to create all the emails your business requires to increase your promotion and sales.


For Startups, this tool is a must as it can help them to promote themselves as they are new in the market. It can help them to create emails through which they can connect with their potential clients and help build their brand more easily and quickly by adequately targeting the right audience.

EmailWritr Pricing Plans | EmailWritr Lifetime Deal Coupon

EmailWritr Pricing Plans

EmailWritr offers Three Pricing Plans – Premium, Expert and Enterprise.

EmailWritr Premium Plan

EmailWritr Premium Plan comes with great features and costs only $29/month. It comes with all the features like Custom Email Sequence, Create emails in any industry of your choice, No EmailWritr Branding in Emails, Save Unlimited Projects, Translator, 24/7 and a whole lot more.

EmailWritr Expert Plan

The Expert Plan costs $39/month, and you get a few more unique features like creating standalone emails, Construct Your Own Template, Email Bank, and more in addition to the plans offered in the premium plan.

EmailWritr Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan costs you just $49/month, and you get all features of the Expert plan along with features like improvement in the number of users and a whole lot more which EmailWritr offers.

Custom Sequence500UnlimitedUnlimited
DFY Sequence300UnlimitedUnlimited
Ai Rewrite Tokens/Mo1000300030,000
Supported Users31050

Exclusive EmailWritr Lifetime Deal

It’s time that we finally reveal the secret to you. Yes. THE EMAILWRITR LIFETIME DEAL.

You can get this tool at a one-time purchase of $79. The tool is known to offer great benefits for businesses, and this lifetime deal is going to provide you with exactly that!

You can create unlimited custom email sequences, along with 1523+ premade swipe email templates, create unlimited emails, Customized personal templates, and unlimited saved projects along with all the features of this fantastic tool.

Even you can be lucky enough and get a 10% discount on your first purchase, as Appsumo is currently offering you a discount code if you signup for EmailWritr through their platform.

How can EmailWritr help you?

EmailWritr is a tool that is going to help you write compelling email copies that can help convert the clicks and increase your sales. Email writing is challenging, but with this tool, you don’t have to learn any sort of learning as it can generate high email-converting copies that convert.

How to use EmailWritr?

You simply have to log in to your account and choose the industry/niche which you need to generate a product/service email. Also, select the target audience and click on the ‘create’ button. Once you are done with that, the tool will curate an entire sequence of emails for you. You can then edit or send the emails to your audience and generate sales.

Does EmailWritr offer a Refund?

Yes. As per their official website, if users don’t like any EmailWritr and are not satisfied with its performance, they can contact its customer support and ask for a refund.

Does EmailWritr offer good support?

The best thing you will like about this tool is that it offers an awesome support team that can help users who require assistance or guidance. They provide decent customer support and are always ready to answer your question 24/7.

How much does EmailWritr Costs?

EmailWritr comes at an affordable cost, and you have three plans to choose from. The Premium plan costs $29/month, and the Expert Plan costs $39/month. The final plan is the Enterprise plan, which costs only $49/month.

Final Verdict – Great Savings using EmailWritr Lifetime Deal

EmailWritr is an excellent tool that is going to help Entrepreneurs market their products to the targeted audience through email marketing more quickly and effectively. Brands can even use this tool to create compelling email copies and boost their conversion rates.

With a variety of email templates and custom ones as well, the tool offers you a great deal of flexibility through which you can generate an email for products/services belonging to any niche or industry.

The tool will have a direct impact on your business performance as it will help you project your products in the right manner and to the correct audience, which can fetch you great sales. And with the EmailWritr Lifetime deal, you can pay only a fixed amount and enjoy the tool for a lifetime!

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