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ClosersCopy Free Trial: 14 Days of Free Access

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Are you looking for a copywriting tool that can give you high-conversion copies? ClosersCopy might be the answer to this unsolved quest of yours.

In this ClosersCopy free trial article we will take a look at the amazing features of ClosersCopy and why should you choose this tool.

As compared to some of the top-tier AI copywriting tools in the market, ClosersCopy has emerged as an excellent choice for marketers seeking to expand better by creating SEO-optimized blogs and marketing copies which can help you in boosting your sales to the next level.

What is ClosersCopy?

Activate ClosersCopy Free Trial

ClosersCopy is an AI Copywriting tool that can help you generate high-performing copy within minutes.

This tool was developed by a group of seasoned professionals in the field of content. They have condensed their knowledge and used the power of AI to build this tool for marketers that want to take their content game to the next level.

How does ClosersCopy Free Trial work?

ClosersCopy offers a 14-day money-back guarantee that the users can use if they do not like the product. The tool has 3 major features namely Story AI, Blog AI, and Sales AI. The tool is capable of producing a variety of content.

This tool is specially geared toward marketers that can help to create a high-converting copy. ClosersCopy does not offer a free plan or free trial for any of its plans.

ClosersCopy Features and Framework

ClosersCopy has 3 AI models and more than 700 frameworks, these frameworks can be generated by users for different kinds of use cases.


As the name suggests, this tool can be used to create stories. Story AI can be used to create highly creative and conversion-focused content. This tool can be used to write the story of the brand or other creative content.

Blog AI

This tool can be used to write blogs, articles, and other long-form content. You can write great conversion focussed blogs with different intents that are SEO optimized that can help you to rank easily.

Sales AI

This tool can help you to write sales-focused emails, ads, and sales pages. You can create amazing content for your business that is not only optimized for SEO but also great to read keeping the readers engaged for a long time.


In this feature, you can do keyword research and compare the top-ranking pages for a keyword that will give you data based on that. This feature also allows you to paste a competitor’s URL and easily get their best headings, content, and other important data.
To use this feature, you only need to enter a keyword, select a language, and click search. This tool will show you an overview of all top-ranking pages you can click on any of the pages to see what content they have focused on.
Along with that, you can get a complete count on the total number of words, paragraphs, and sentences all in the heading tags.

You can see all the topics as well as questions covered for the same keyword in the respective sections.

Additional ClosersCopy Features

As stated above ClosersCopy offers some excellent features which can help in making things better for your overall copywriting experience. Here are some of the additional ClosersCopy features which can upscale your operations to next level.


The Compose feature enables you to write using AI. To use this feature you need to enter the keyword, select the language and search to find the headings and sections that need to be covered for a particular keyword. This feature gives you all the outlines and it can also create a draft for that keyword so you do not have to do competitor research separately. The content created by the compose feature is high quality but it does not offer options for intent which means you cannot control the tone of the AI.


The Longform feature helps you to write longer content with the help of AI. You can write long-form content using this feature. All you have to do is enter a content brief (optional), select creativity, and output on a scale of 1 to 100. Then all you have to do is click on write to get the result. Even though the content brief is optional, it can help the AI to understand the intent and write content similar to what you have written.

Drag and Drop

ClosersCopy comes with a drag-and-drop feature that can help you to drag and drop elements that can be used in your sales copy. The tool can easily create a tone that can help your visitors easily. You just have to provide the necessary information, and it can create multiple contents.

Copywriting Frameworks

At the beginning of this section we talked about frameworks by Closersopy, but what are they and how do they work? Frameworks are different sets of instructions created to write better copies. Different copywriting modules in these frameworks can be filtered based on the need.

For instance, you can find SEO-focused content that can be framework and can be found using filters. The various frameworks that are used by ClosersCopy to create amazing copies with different approaches and intent include AIDA, PAS, BAB, Bullet Points, Titles, Book, Introduction, Product, Challenges, Conclusion, and more. You can create the perfect copy by choosing the framework, entering the product description, choosing creativity and the number of outputs to be created.

Template Library: There are a variety of templates available on CloserCopy’s template Library. These templates can be used to write copy within minutes. It can help you to write different forms of content for different mediums like Google ads, Facebook ads, social media posts, emails, landing pages, and so on. Along with the templates you can also get features like power and sensory words, thesaurus, sentence improvements, density, and voice analyzer.

Copy Wizard: With this tool, you can find different templates that can be used to write different sections of the article. All you need to do is click on any of these templates and it will automatically search the section and replace it with unique content. Some essential templates of the copy wizard are story, cart abandoned, sales copy, quickstart, perfect email, FAQ, and so on.

Along with this ClosersCopy also offers more than 100 languages that you can write content in to create amazing content for different regions.

ClosersCopy Free Trial

As we have seen ClosersCopy has amazing functionality and useful tools that can help you to create amazing high-conversion copies with different intents and purposes. The tool has a wide variety of options that can not only help you to create what you need but also what you want by creating your own framework.

CloserCopy does not offer a free trial at this moment and there are no free tools available that users can try.

ClosersCopy Pricing Plans

ClosersCopy Pricing Plan

ClosersCopy offers three plans for its users.

Power Plan

This plan comes for $49.99 per month and offers access for two members. This plan gives you access to all the features offered by ClosersCopy. The only difference between this plan and other plans is the number of user seats and SEO Audits. This plan offers 50 SEO audits to its users per month and limits access to two users.

Superpower Plan

The Superpower plan comes at $79.99 per month and offers access to a total of three members. This plan offers all the features of ClosersCopy and unlimited access to SEO audits as well.

Superpower Squad Plan

The Superpower Squad plan comes for $99.99 per month and offers access to five users. Along with that, this plan offers all the features of the Superpower plan.

Pros and Cons of ClosersCopy


  • Allows you to create your own frameworks
  • You can create unlimited content and do unlimited SEO audits
  • ClosersCopy provides industry-specific templates
  • Offers new features frequently


  • ClosersCopy is a bit slow
  • The tool is hard to use and takes a bit of time to get used to

FAQs on ClosersCopy Free Trial

Does ClosersCopy offer a free trial?

No, ClosersCopy does not offer a free trial for any of its plans. The tool does not offer any free features that users can try before buying the tool.

What is the return policy of ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy offers a 14-day return policy for users that are unsatisfied with the tool. You can get a complete refund if you apply for it in a 14-day window.

Does ClosersCopy offer any free tools?

No, ClosersCopy does not offer any free tools for its users. The tool offers three pricing plans that you can choose from depending on the number of users. If you choose yearly billing on these plans you can save up to 30%.

Why should I choose ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is an amazing tool that offers a wide variety of writing options and tools the tools offered by ClosersCopy can help you to create high-converting copies because it is made with the experience and expertise of successful marketers.

Final Verdict

As we have seen in this ClosersCopy free trial article, ClosersCopy has some great features for its users to create high-converting content and copy. The tool offers freedom of long-form content as well as the creativity needed in short-form. ClosersCopy is an essential tool for marketers looking to create SEO-optimized, high-conversion copy in minutes and with little effort.

ClosersCopy does not offer an official free trial but it does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This is as good as a free trial where you can try the tool within a period of 14 days and get a full refund.

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