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While the market is flooded with tons of GPT-3 AI-powered writing tools. Closerscopy is different and pretty powerful., It is one of those premium AI Writing tools that offer lifetime access for one payment and does not ask for monthly subscriptions like other tools in the industry, on the other hand, you can also look forward to the installments option as well which is pretty amazing in itself. ClosersCopy enables you to boost your sales with SEO-optimized blogs and leverage the secrets of the most powerful marketing copy in the world.

ClosersCopy Coupons & Promo Codes 2023

While the market is flooded with tons of GPT-3 AI-powered writing tools. Closerscopy is different and pretty powerful., It is the only premium AI Writing tool that offers lifetime access for one payment and does not ask for monthly subscriptions like other tools in the industry. ClosersCopy enables you to boost your sales with SEO-optimized blogs and leverage the secrets of the most powerful marketing copy in the world.

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Here are the best Closerscopy Discount coupons

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This will open a new tab that takes you to

  • Click on the “Pricing” button

After clicking on the pricing plan, you will be redirected to the Closerscopy pricing plan section which includes three plans named as Power plan, Superpower plan, and Superpower Squad plan.

ClosersCopy Discount Code
  • Don’t forget to click on the “Pay Yearly” button to get an instant discount of 30% on your chosen plan.

We would recommend choosing the superpower plan or the superpower squad plan as it would offer unlimited AI writing & SEO audits.

ClosersCopy Promo Code
  • Enter the required fields for getting along with the signup process.
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  • Now, have fun trying this premium AI-powered copywriting tool with unlimited content generation and SEO audits (might vary from plan to plan).

Hopefully, you saved a lot!

Top ClosersCopy Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes

ClosersCopy Coupon OffersClosersCopy Coupon Offer DetailsClosersCopy Promo Code Details
ClosersCopy Coupon Get 27% OFF Unlimited PlanTOTHEMOON
ClosersCopy Coupon CodeGet 20% OFF with coupon codeLIFETIME20
ClosersCopy Promo CodeGet 15% OFF Professional PlanLIFETIME15
ClosersCopy Coupon Get an Unlimited Lifetime Plan at $247 onlyLIFETIME15
ClosersCopy Discount Coupon CodeGet Power Plan at $49.99/mo LIFETIME15
ClosersCopy Discount Coupon    Get 30% OFF (Annual Plans)  Get Deal

What is ClosersCopy? Intro, Demo & Tutorial Video

ClosersCopy is known to be one of the advanced AI writing tools. It uses machine learning technologies and language models like GPT-3 to amplify your copywriting in a standardized and informative way. GTP- 3 is developed by OpenAI laboratory, San Francisco, California. One of the key features that make ClosersCopy a popular choice is its AI-powered content generation that also focuses on the SEO side of the content as well. ClosersCopy can be an excellent choice for everyone that can help you in generating appealing marketing copies along with SEO-optimized blog post generation.

As I have already stated that Closerscopy also offers some excellent services in terms of SEO auditing, where most of the AI-powered copywriting tool focuses on AI copywriting aspect, Closerscopy can also work on the SEO aspect; making ClosersCopy a complete content marketing tool. Here are some of the common use cases delivered by ClosersCopy:

  • Blog Posts: One of the primary and useful key features of using ClosersCopy is the content generation for blogs, as already mentioned ClosersCopy works on SEO focused system, and having SEO-optimized content generated using AI can be an excellent upside.
  • Product descriptions: ClosersCopy can also help in generating product descriptions that can be helpful for ecom sellers and dropshippers.
  • Email Marketing: Generate AI-powered emails for all your email campaigns, ClosersCopy offers multiple email templates that can be helpful in your operations.
  • Long-form content: Long-form content generation can be helpful for bloggers or article writers, and freelancers that seek to get the best content delivered using AI.
  • Multiple templates for sales pages: You can also use multiple templates offered by ClosersCopy to generate engaging sales copies.
  • Additional templates and tools: You also get access to other templates and use cases for high-quality content generation.

Expired ClosersCopy Coupon Codes

  • ClosersCopy Coupon Code: Get 25% OFF Unlimited Plan (Coupon Code: LIFETIME25)
  • ClosersCopy Coupon Code: Get 20% OFF Unlimited Plan (Coupon Code: LIFETIME20)

ClosersCopy Features at a Glance

When it comes to the best AI writing Tool, the ClosersCopy is marching ahead in the list. There are some mind-boggling features of ClosersCopy that will be a boon for affiliate marketers and writers. Okay without making you wait, let’s see the exciting features of ClosersCopy.

SEO- Friendly

Having an SEO-friendly AI copywriting tool can be a game changer for copywriters and bloggers. Not only does it generate SEO-optimized content but can also help in running SEO Audits, SEO planners, and much more.

Plagiarism-Free Content

Plagiarism-free content is a crucial feature for any AI writing tool, otherwise, content generation using AI is just a waste of time and money. ClosersCopy is one of the leading AI writing tools for generating Plagiarism free content. ClosersCopy is known for delivering cross-verified and high-quality content, it directly indicates you do not need to worry about the generated content nor should you waste your precious time and money on any pricey plagiarism checking tool when you can generate unique content without compromising the quality and standard.

Predesigned Templates

The templates are designed to generate the content exactly that you are looking for, in an innovative way. The templates make your thought cycle a bit relaxing as you don’t have to think about what to write about or how to phrase it.

A Writer & Editor

ClosersCopy is a machine learning-based writer that helps you write better, faster, and smarter by generating content ideas at scale. It also assists you with better delivery and more engaging content by using machine learning, to learn from the human copywriter’s past experiences. It also provides an easy way to edit images, keywords, and more. The best part? You can even use Closerscopy to directly upload your document!

Emotion Analysis

ClosersCopy AI Tool is an emotion analysis tool that can help to analyze the emotional sentiments of your target audience. It will help you to build a connection with your readers with engaging and required content for the related topic.

Spam Analysis

ClosersCopy is a great tool to help you deliver better emails, and machine-learning tools will help you make your email more successful and appealing. You experienced that sometimes the sent email is stuck in the recipient spam box, to avoid such a mess ClosersCopy helps you to avoid using fishy quotes in the email and your email will end up in the primary folder.

Save Time & Money

To be frank, ClosersCopy is affordable as compared to other AI writing tools of the same standard. It generates quality and classy unique content within a few minutes without any grammatical errors and plagiarism, usually, you’ll take at least 2- 3 hours to generate such content. It saves a hell of a time for you and even your bucks.

ClosersCopy Pricing Plans | Get 30% OFF with ClosersCopy Coupon Code

ClosersCopy Pricing Plan

ClosersCopy Power Plan

The Power is the basic plan available in the ClosersCopy, here we highlighted 13 key features. The annual Power plan costs you $419 (30% OFF using the coupon), and the monthly plan is available at $49.99/Month, for some users, the monthly plan is affordable while some prefer to subscribe yearly plan.

ClosersCopy Power Plan Key Features

  • ClosersCopy Power plan allows you 300 AI Runs and 50 SEO audits per month, which is satisfactory for solo bloggers, content writers, or teams of 2 or 3. It comes in the limited update 2 seats, one for you and one for your teammate.
  • Offer features like SEO audit, long-form, and SEO planner which generates SEO-friendly content with relevant keywords.
  • Contains 700+ frameworks to date, it has a fantastic email support system, and having a community of over 12k plus is an added advantage.
  • Features like Tune are in the pipeline then the plan will be more effective to generate content.

ClosersCopy Superpower Plan

Superpower Plan is the mid-scale efficient plan offered by the ClosersCopy for Small businesses and firms. Superpower yearly plan is available at $671(30% OFF using the coupon) and the monthly plan costs you $79.99/monthly. It contains all the Key features of the Super plan with some more exciting features.

ClosersCopy Superpower Plan Key Features

  • Offers unlimited AI writings, SEO audits, and updates, no limit cap is very useful for professional writers to choose the best-generated copy for them, which is extremely useful in the long run.
  • Superplan has 3 seats, one for you and 2 team members, likewise, Superplan has an SEO audit and SEO planner.
  • Includes all the features included in the power plan like 800+ frameworks to date, workflow, insights, and email support.

ClosersCopy Superpower Squad Plan

Superpower Squad Plan is an exclusive plan, it costs you around $839 annually (30% OFF using the coupon) and a monthly subscription of $99.99/month. It has the same features as the other two plans, but it comes up with 5 seats, one for you and 4 for your teammates.

ClosersCopy Superpower Squad Plan Key Features

Basically, the ClosersCopy Superpower Squad offers all the features which were offered in the ClosersCopy Superpower plan. On the positive part, the Superpower Squad plan is best suitable for teams having around 5 members as it is specifically desired to deliver better outcomes to team members/agencies.

Pros & Cons of ClosersCopy Coupons and Promo Codes

Before buying any plans, you should be aware of the pros and cons of any writing tool and whether it will serve you best or not.


  • Multiple templates available for a variety of categories; resulting in time-saving, quality content, increased productivity, and more.
  • User-friendly interface even for newbies.
  • ClosersCopy can help you generate catchy phrases for your articles at a much faster pace.
  • Offer plans lifetime unlimited plans with lifetime updates.


  • Sometimes the AI might get off-topic or use words that don’t fit the topic.

ClosersCopy Customer Reviews and Testimonials

ClosersCopy Review & Testimonial
ClosersCopy Review Testimonial

Top FAQ on ClosersCopy Coupons & Promo Codes

How much discount can I get with ClosersCopy coupons?

ClosersCopy offers several discounts offers ranging up to 30% Off on selected plans. In addition to that, users can also look forward to the ClosersCopy unlimited plan to generate content and perform SEO audits. You can save up to $168.85 by using the ClosersCopy coupon codes and promo codes.

How much can I save with ClosersCopy Coupon Codes & Promo codes?

You can save up to $168.85 by using the ClosersCopy coupon codes and promo codes.

Can I delete my ClosersCopy account anytime I want?

Yes! You can delete your account at any time, but we would recommend that you unsubscribe from a plan rather than just deleting the plan, as ClosersCopy comes up with several offers and deals from time to time.

Does ClosersCopy offer any Lifetime plan?

Yes, ClosersCopy does offer a lifetime plan and you can avail this plan for yourself by try using our ClosersCopy coupon ‘LIFETIME15‘.

ClosersCopy Coupons and News on Social Media

Conclusion: ClosersCopy Coupon Codes | Save up to 60% on Closercopy

ClosersCopy is overall an excellent choice to move along with since there are several options including unlimited AI writing with unlimited SEO Audits. On the brighter side, you can get up to 50% off on selected plans, but remember we would recommend choosing the annual billing option as it would offer an instant 30% saving on your selected ClosersCopy plan.

If you are looking for a plan which offers limited use of AI and SEO audit, the Power plan is the best option for you, and you can subscribe to it with 27% Off additionally by using the ClosersCopy coupon code mentioned above. The other two plans include the Superpower and Superpower squad which are viable options for firms/marketing teams/squads.

So, don’t forget to use the Closercopy coupons and promo codes that can help you save an additional 27% Off on your purchase. In addition to all this, we would highly recommend you to get along with the annual plan and then apply the Closercopy promo code, as a result, will give you a discount of around 60% which is a great deal overall.

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