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Article Forge Vs. Content Forge 2023: Is Article Forge Better?

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Still wondering whether Article Forge and Content Forge are the same? To your surprise, they are NOT. And in this Article Forge Vs. Content Forge review we’ll let you know how and why, read it out!

There are literally hundreds and thousands of options available out there when it comes to AI writing tools. Every next day (can we say hour here?) there is some or the other AI writing tool in the market that’s claiming to be the best one? But are they? A question many users ask, but rarely they do get answers of it!

So, we did a fact check here, we literally visited tens and hundreds of AI writing tools and found out two amazing tools, that was often compared because of the use cases these tools served – Article Forge and Content Forge.

And yet another amazing thing we discovered was many users found both the tools to be the same, but in reality it’s not. Article Forge is one of the oldest AI writing tools with thousands of active users, while on the other hand, Content Forge is relatively a new player in the market. For years, Article Forge has been popular because of the bulk content generation feature it offered, but is it good enough? And is Content Forge up to the mark? 

In this Article Forge Vs. Content Forge review we’ll tell you which AI writer is the rightful winner, so let’s dive in!

Article Forge AI Overview | What is Article Forge?

Article Forge Review

Article Forge is one of the oldest players in the AI content writing gaming arena. It’s been used by thousands of marketers and content writers. The tool even before the launch of ChatGPT offered bulk, human-like, ready to publish contents. And it had/has a massive user base. Coming to the working, Article Forge used deep learning algorithms and machine learning technologies to come up with the best words.

The quality of the content generated is simply awesome – it can pass multiple plagiarism checks, even Copyscape. Also, all the statements are grammatically correct, which means you don’t really have to do a lot of editing work after the content has been generated by the tool.

Additionally, the tool also adds relevant images, videos, and latent semantic indexing keywords to the blog even without you mentioning, so that your blog post ranks higher across different search engines.

To the last, Article Forge even allows users to directly publish the content on their WordPress site – simplifying the overall content creation and publishing process.

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Content Forge AI Overview | What is Content Forge?

Content Forge Review

Launched back in 2021, Content Forge is a revolutionary AI powered writing tool being used by thousands of marketers and copywriters across the globe. Not only blogs, with Content Forge you can even brainstorm ideas for your next blog, if your mind is literally too tired to think of one. And it can even assist you with building product descriptions for your Ecommerce marketplace from scratch, isn’t this lovely?

The tool supports 20+ languages and it’s extremely easy to use (we have mentioned it in the ease of use section below). Coming to the use cases, it serves 25+ uses, hence from blog introduction generation to sentence rewriting and expanding – you can do multiple things with Content Forge.

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Article Forge Vs. Content Forge | Key Features Comparison

Article Forge AI Features

Bulk content creator

One of the best features of Article Forge is it generates bulk content, all grammatically correct and appealing within seconds. There is a bulk generator feature available within the tool that can create multiple blogs in one click. Additionally, users can even use the API available to add the tool directly in their content pipeline.

Adds relevant headlines

Article Forge is an awesome end to end content generator tool, but it’s even better with headlines generation. Users will simply have to choose the length of the article and add relevant keywords, the tool will thus generate a whole blog from scratch with relevant H1 and H2 headlines. Also, by giving the tool more focused and relevant instructions, users can grab a well-drafted piece that’s ready to publish within seconds.

Adds images

One of the best things about using Article Forge for content creation is it adds relevant images to your blogs, wherever needed. You just have to give the AI the right prompt, and the tool will extract images from the web that’s highly related to your blog. It even adds videos that are relevant to your blogs.

Current event article writer

Are you a news writer looking forward to using AI for news writing? Well, Article Forge has got you covered with that as well. Reason being, the tool researches data all in real-time, hence offering you always the right and updated information. Whatever current events you want the AI to write, just add relevant details and the tool will cover all the breaking topics like a human.

Post scheduler

The whole process of creating a post from one tool and then adding it to your WordPress for publishing is a lot tiring. But, now with Article Forge and the in-built scheduler available within the tool does the automatic publishing task for you. You simply have to integrate your WordPress account to Article Forge, and do the basic settings, the tool will further post the blog at the scheduled time.

SEO integrations

If you are a content marketer or a writer, you would know the importance of SEO and thus even Article Forge knows that really well. Hence, for that reason Article Forge is integrated with multiple SEO tools, like SEO AutoPilot, WordAI, CyberSEO, RankerX, GSA Search Engine Ranker, and SEnuke TNG. With these tools, you can easily streamline and automate all your ranking tasks. For example, through WordAI you can make any recent content into high-quality SEO content, and the same goes with other tools.

Foreign language writer

To the last, with Article Forge, you can quickly generate SEO content in 7+ foreign languages, like English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. The tool uses deep-learning models to create entire articles in different languages. Moreover, no matter what the language is, the content provided by the tool will completely be SEO optimized and of superior quality.

Content Forge AI Features

E-commerce content creator

One of the features Content Forge comes with is the e-commerce content creator tool. Through this tool, online sellers can brainstorm product names for any products they are thinking of launching. There’s even a product description generator available through which sellers can ask the tool to write SEO-friendly descriptions for their products under certain character limits.

The product listicle tool available within the AI generator is simply awesome, you just have to explain to the tool what your product does, and it will create a listicle accordingly.

Long form post generator

The blog generator feature by Content Forge is popular for its human-like content generation capabilities – and we completely believe this. Reason being, through this specific tool writers and marketers can generate new blog post ideas within seconds. They can even create a blog post outline from scratch through the tool.

If you are someone who’s confused about which title will best suit your words – Content Forge has got you covered with its Blog post title generator. And if you are unsure about what must be the introduction of your blog, make sure to give Content Forge’s introduction writer a try.

Ads content creator

Digital ads are confusing and we do know how expensive it can get, if you start hiring different copywriters for different social media platforms. However, this won’t be the case with Content Forge. The tool lets you create Facebook ad texts, headlines, descriptions within seconds. Not just Facebook, you can even create Google ads and LinkedIn ad texts quickly with the tool.

Website content generator

Creating a website from scratch can really be a daunting task, but not with Content Forge. Through the tool, you can get SEO meta titles for your newly launched site. You can even grab SEO meta descriptions for all the pages. And to the last, you can even create Microcopy for your contact page by simply entering the page name and a language.

Sentence expander

To assist writers and marketers better with the content generation process, Content Forge offers users a sentence expander tool. You simply will have to enter a text in the box, or a rough idea of what you are expecting from the tool to write. The tool will quickly expand your sentences based on the inputs you have given, if you are not convinced with the output, you can always ask the tool to make the changes.

Sentence rewriter

Apart from sentence expander, Sentence rewriter is also one of the amazing assistant tools Content Forge offers to its users for quicker content generation process. Similar to the previous tool, over here too, you will have to enter all the words you have written, and the tool will rewrite it all for you. The output will thus be a grammatically correct content piece. Also, if you have loved any content elsewhere and want a very similar one for your blog, Content Forge can rewrite it, all uniquely for you.

Marketing tools

Not just content creation, Content Forge is even a great marketing assistant, and the two tools it offers for the same are – AIDA and PAS generator. Using both the tools is extremely easy. For example, if you have a product or a brand in your mind, simply enter it and the AI will generate relevant Attention, Interest, Desire, Action steps for you. Same goes with the PAS model, you will have to enter the product name and the tool will generate Problem, Agitate, and Solution steps for you.

Winner: Article Forge is straightaway the winner here because the tool offers multiple SEO integrations and comes with an in-built post scheduler that can be a real game changer for marketers and writers!

Article Forge Vs. Content Forge – How to Use?

How to Use Article Forge?

Using Article Forge for content creation is extremely easy. Individuals simply have to hit the try for free button available on the official dashboard. After creating an account, users will get to try the tool for free, for 5-days. The tool even comes with 30-days, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Coming to the usage, you will have to enter keyword, article length, and any other specific instructions you want the AI to look after while generating the article. Wait for 60 seconds and the tool will offer you an amazing, intelligently researched output that’s completely unique and can pass multiple content checks.

How to Use Content Forge?

When it comes to Content Forge ease of use, users never really face any issues while using the tool. They will simply have to go to the tools section location at the top most part of the website. There are multiple tools available in the dashboard – blog post idea generator, Facebook ad text creator, SEO meta description builder, sentence rewriter, sentence expander, and more. By simply picking one out of these options, and by entering essential details, users can generate human-like content within seconds.

Article Forge Vs. Content Forge 2023 – Pricing Comparison

Article Forge Pricing – Is Article Forge Free?

Article Forge Pricing Plans

Not just the features, even Article Forge pricing plans are just too user friendly. Users can literally save up to 51% a year if they choose to go with the annual plan. And let’s not forget the 5 day free trial the team offers through which users can generate 1500+ words. The paid plans packages goes this way:

Article Forge Basic Plan – $27 per month

  • Generate upto 25,000 words
  • Generate long form blogs
  • One user access
  • Integrations available
  • API access

Article Forge Business Plan – Custom Pricing

  • Generate 500,000+ words
  • Unlimited users
  • Generate bulk content
  • Dedicated account manager available for your help

The best part about Article Forge’s basic plan is, the more counts you will need a month, the lesser the price gets. For example if you choose to generate 250,000 words a month, you will simply have to pay $57, and $127 for 500,000 words.

Content Forge Pricing – Is Content Forge Free?

Content Forge Pricing

 The pricing of Content forge is a lot different than of Article Forge. The team offers three options to choose from, out of which one is a free trial period itself – so basically we can say the team offers two paid plans. Coming to the free trial, you can use Content Forge for free for 7 days and can generate up to 1000 words. You will get access to all the tools, and you can create unlimited projects. The paid plans by Content Forge goes this way:

Content Forge Standard Plan – $29 per month

  • Generate upto 20,000 words per month
  • Access to all Content Forge tools
  • Unlimited seats and documents access
  • Work on unlimited projects through one dashboard

Content Forge Unlimited Plan – $99 per month

  • Unlimited words per month
  • Access to all Content Forge tools
  • $49 per month for an additional seat
  • Work on unlimited projects through one dashboard

Article Forge Vs. Content Forge 2023 – Pros and Cons

Article Forge Pros and Cons

Article Forge Pros

  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • 5-days free trial period
  • Multiple SEO integrations
  • Can generate SEO optimized content in foreign languages
  • Simplified content creation process
  • Just takes 60 seconds
  • Highly affordable pricing plans
  • API available

Article Forge Cons

  • Lacks a few features when compared to Jasper and Writesonic

Content Forge Pros and Cons

Content Forge Pros

  • 20+ languages available
  • Can generate multiple outputs at the same time
  • 7-day free trial period
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • 20+ use cases served
  • Unlimited seats and documents access
  • PAS and AIDA marketing tools available

Content Forge Cons

  • Can be a bit pricey if compared to Article Forge

Top FAQs on Article Forge Vs. Content Forge 2023

Is Article Forge worth it?

Yes, Article Forge is an extremely useful and affordable AI content writing tool which you can use for free for 5 days.

Can I generate Art with Article Forge?

No, you can’t generate art with content forge, but the tool automatically adds relevant pictures to the blogs wherever needed.

How to use Content Forge for free?

You can use Content Forge for free for seven days since it offers a 7-day free trial.

How to use Article Forge for free?

Yes, you can use Article Forge for free for five days, and can even ask for a refund within 30 days since the tool offers a money back guarantee.

What is better than Article Forge?

Contentforge, Jasper, and Writesonic are a few alternatives to Article Forge.

Final Verdict | Article Forge Vs. Content Forge: Is Article Forge a Better Content Forge Alternative?

Here comes the real question – Should you use Article Forge or Content Forge? The answer is, explore it on your OWN!

Honestly, both Article Forge and Content Forge offers users a free trial access. And we have used both the tool personally for like months now. When it comes to Content Forge, the use cases the tool serves is Amazing. However, Article Forge literally aces the SEO game with its integrations – it can make your article rank.

To give you a quick answer, Content Forge is best suited for marketers and e-commerce store owners who are looking forward to getting unique product descriptions and ads text for their operations. On the other hand, Article Forge is best suited for long form blog post generation, it can literally create SEO optimized blogs from scratch that fairly has the chances of ranking.

If looked into the terms of affordability, both the tools are priced very similarly, but Article Forge can be a bit cheaper as compared to Content Forge. But at the end, output matters – so know the use cases of both the tools, and whichever offers the best output, go with that!

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